Sunshine, Seagulls, & Book Progress

It’s been an on and off week as far as the weather is concerned. One minute we’ve had bright sunshine followed by rain and even some fog in the mix. Last Sunday, however, was a wonderful day, living up to its namesake.

It meant that Howard and I headed to the beach for burgers and doughnuts as well as a little stroll.

I can’t explain to you how lovely it’s been to go from having pretty much zero days off together to one set day every week. Sundays together mean that we actually see each other and spend more time with each other than we have in the past three years of living here.

It’s just downright amazing to be able to have time like this. The new job has also meant that I’m not home in the evenings so often and thus Bear has started cooking a bit more, which is fantastic. All in all, it’s really benefitting us as a couple.

We even decided to buy some new books when we went on our stroll. Howard Bear got himself one and I got two! I haven’t started them yet as I’ve been terribly busy, but here they are.

I’m so intrigued!

They’re called The Restorer and Trouble With Fate. Has anybody else read them? And if so, did you enjoy them?

Speaking of books, I’m making more progress on Lightning & Power. Things are unfolding nicely and it’s giving me ideas about the future fifth instalment of the series.

And that has to be the best thing about my Indigo Skies series of books; it’s not a series with a set ending or specific storyline that has been threaded through each book, but it is about the same characters. It also means that, so far, each book is pretty much a standalone as well as part of a series.

So even though you can start at the beginning with Preying On Time you would still be able to start with Baying For Blood.

Of course, having said that, today was my day off and so far no writing has been accomplished. I have, however, painted my garden bench, potted up a plant, done laundry, done a brisk and not in depth tidy, and finally battled some seagulls.

I know, why am I battling seagulls, right?

Well, I wish I knew, to be honest. As much as I can gather, they seem to think that it would be a great idea to nest in the courtyard bit right outside our front door. No, not anywhere up high. Not anywhere remotely nature friendly. Just a crappy, patio that has very little wanting to grow in it.

And now it has even less because they’ve been squawking and tearing plants out to try and form some kind of nest between the five of them. So today has been about trying to encourage them to nest elsewhere. I mean, their raucous voices are giving me headaches anyway so god only knows what would happen if they did that whilst I had a migraine!!!

Anyway, I’ve ordered some plants and a large, colourful wind spinner. I’m going to stick them all in that little area and hope it deters them from the nice flat ground they thought it was. I even got water pistols the other day!

If you have any ideas, please chuck them my way. I would very much appreciate it.

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