Plants, Parents, Books, & Facelifts

It’s been a busy week. As you guys know, my MOT was due on my car. Sadly, it failed, but it only failed on one thing and it only had one advisory, both of which are being sorted today (huzzah!), which means my lovely Alba will have a clean bill of health. After all, she’s getting driven an awful lot more than she was before, now.

She also took me through to see my parents on Sunday (and drop Mr Bear off at his mother’s so he could help them move furniture). It’s nice actually having a day on a weekend where I can see my other half and family who all have regular working weeks. It also meant I got to go to the garden centre with my parents where I bought some pretty heathers amongst other things.

Mum also got me a fairy door as you may be able to see above.

Of course, days off filled with car stuff have not been kind to the old writing of books. However, I managed to scribble a little bit yesterday before I went to work, including a scene that came to me in a dream for another book. It has been creatively captured now and will await time for me to be able to write it properly and do it more justice.

Naturally, I need to focus on Lightning & Power first, followed by Calling The Wolf. That’s in between work and other stuff. Incidentally, the above picture is from where I’m working now!

Having said that, I’m also working on getting a new website designed in a new place. It’s not going to be ready for a little while yet, but rest assured that once it is I will give you guys all the details. I’m hoping that doing so will also help to clear up problems that I’m having feeding this site to social media when I make a new post too.  Facebook, for example, seems to be pretty adverse to posting links to here at the minute and I don’t know why.

The idea behind the new site will also be to look a little more professional than the current one does. Hopefully that can be easily achieved whilst still retaining maximum usability for you all.

If you do have any ideas of anything you’d like to see on the new site then please let me know in the comments below!

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