Question Time With Timony Souler

I mentioned last week that we have an extra special treat today in that the awesome Timony Souler is gracing our presence to talk about her latest book. As a close friend and a fellow author, I was particularly excited about introducing you guys to her work, too!

So here we go!

Hey Timony! First of all, you and I are awesome friends, but not everybody on my blog will know you (which is sad), so tell us little about yourself and your fabulousness.

OMG, hiiii Rebecca! Thanks for having me on your wondiferous blog Smile

Urgh, I hate answering these questions – I never know what to say!

Well, I’m Timony, I’m a writer (duh) and I like taking a lot of selfies cause I’m kind of vain. I’m currently living the high life in Vienna with my Austrian Boyf, teaching kindergarteners by day and exploring this gorgeous new city of mine by night!

Okay, now everyone is officially aware of how fantastic you are. We should talk about your other amazing accolades, specifically, your books. Now, tell us a little bit about your most recent release?

That would be “Ghosts – or How to Unbreak Your Heart” – it’s a poetry collection, and it is sort of anti-love, I guess? It’s also pretty unique – I handwrote the entire thing!

What would you say inspired you to write it?

Heartbreak. Being ghosted. Learning that sometimes words are just words and they mean nothing no matter how much you wish they did.

It is unusual to find an ebook that’s handwritten. Is there any reason you chose to present it in such a different but exquisite way?

I’m old fashioned that way. I always write my first drafts by hand – whether that’s blog posts, long reads, or poetry. I love the feeling of a pen scratching on paper, of ink flowing on to a page, of seeing your thoughts come to life in a way. And with the subject of Ghosts, I felt like handwriting it would be a lot more personal – every poem in the collection was inspired by real life events, and Ghosts sort of started off as a journal, writing the pain away, so to speak. So releasing it as a handwritten eBook seemed like the most honest thing to do.

… and people seem to love my handwriting?

So where can we grab this artistic tome?

You can get in on Amazon for Kindle, and it’s also available on Kindle Unlimited. I am looking at releasing it on other platforms in the future though!

And why do you think readers will enjoy what you have to offer?

I think everyone has had their heart broken at some point in their life – and it’s the loneliest thing in the world. I wanted people to feel like they weren’t alone when they’re going through a break up, of any kind. I think everyone will find a certain sentence or poem that they’ll really connect with.

Now, you are the queen of social media, so where do you think would be best to get your updates?

I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram atm (you may remember me mentioning how I love to take selfies) and I usually update my followers on my life/upcoming releases/new blog posts via My Face. You’ll also find pictures of Vienna, my hats, sneak peeks of my writing & food on there. And I’m usually on WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook too!

Aaaand, a couple of less businessy, more fun questions to finish off. Who’s your favourite author and why?

I can’t choose just one! My first favourite will always be Arthur Conan Doyle, because Sherlock Holmes introduced me to a whole new world of reading and writing. Others on my list are Bernard Cornwell, Christian Jacq, Steven Erikson, Oliver Poetzsch, Maya Angelou, Rebecca Clare Smith, Em Taylor… and the list goes on and on and on.

Favourite mythological animal?

UNICORN. Because I am one.

How many roads must a person walk down until they are properly adulting?

You will never properly Adult. I promise you. I’m almost 28 years old, I’ve moved countries three times, I am responsible for tiny humans all day long and one adult sized human the rest of the time… and I still don’t know how to properly Adult!

So if you guys would like to grab a copy of Timony’s amazing work then try Amazon Kindle and don’t forget to catch up with her on Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

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