Leaping Forwards On A Leap Day

So, it all finally came to an end. I officially no longer work at Pizza Hut. Instead, I’m moving on to somewhere that looks to be a fantastic new start. And my first day is this next weekend, so if I’m a little absent over social media then it may be because I’m acquainting myself with the new place and have a lot to digest.

I really can’t begin to describe to you guys how much I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be such a fantastic change of scenery (literally, as it’s at a beautiful farm tea rooms in the middle of some stunning countryside).

They also seem like wonderful people to work for and, having eaten there and visited before, I’m truly looking forward to working with the staff as well. Let’s just hope I manage to sleep through my excitement on Friday night so I’m all refreshed for the new day!

Of course, I also promised to tell you about my birthday meal and my birthday party/leaving do.

As you know, I’d been really looking forward to my birthday meal having eaten at the place I’d chosen before. It was supposed to be a brilliant night with good food and family for company, but what actually happened was, despite having booked a table, we were left seated for well over thirty minutes before our order was taken.

And then we ended up waiting again before we were finally seated. The food was great, as always, but it was presented to us over an hour and a half from the time we’d arrived and booked the table. And, again, we seemed to do a lot of waiting in between courses.

Of course, being a server myself, it was easy to see that with the pub so busy there should have been more than one waitress serving on her own, which was a complete shame because it meant she couldn’t focus well on customers and we felt a little neglected. I won’t name the pub that we attended because I feel that would be unfair when I know they can do better, but for a Saturday night when they had tables booked, they were wildly understaffed and as such dampened my evening.

There was, however, a worse mark on the evening, but I won’t bring that one up.

But I did get some lovely presents. Howard Bear got me a beautiful, new, burgundy coat and a voucher for my favourite online store (Joe Browns) where I bought some shoes!

And mummy got me the new dressing gown I’d been after for months! So I can now snuggle up all cosy and warm.

And I got cards from Bear’s parents & grandparents. Not to mention, my awesome friend, Lydia, got me a feathery pen, some posh hot chocolate, pretty coasters, and a bottle of Baileys. I think that makes a pretty spoiled girl!

And last Saturday night was my birthday party/leaving do with colleagues and friends. Despite some friends having to leave early, it was quite a good night. I’m glad that the people who came showed up and it’s pretty heart warming to know that they’ll miss me so much.

I think the only thing that really let the night down is that we didn’t end up going dancing at all. But maybe next time.

With yesterday to recover from the night before, we spent the night snuggled up on the sofa, but not until I’d rejigged the book pages on this site. They look a lot better now with better buy buttons that take you to the site that you want to purchase from as well as a little indicator as to the prices of each book both in the UK and internationally.

I hope that makes it clearer for everyone instead of as messy as it was before.

It’s also awesome to note that I’ve had quite a few sales recently. I hope that means that I have a few new readers. And, if so, hello and thank you!

But, as you can tell by my word counts at the side of the blog, I’m going to be getting on with yet more of the two sequels to the Indigo Skies series, which means leaving this post here. Happy reading!

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