New Release Feedback, New Starts, & Old Friends

It’s been almost two weeks since the release of my latest book, Delivering Hope, and what a couple of weeks it has been!

And as ever, I am grateful to my fans for their support of the new book & completion to the trilogy! Of course, the best support comes from reviews (which as you know, help other fantastic readers to find my books). And it’s great to already have an amazing review up on Goodreads.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then you can check it out here!

Of course, I’ve already started on both Lightning & Power and Calling The Wolf, which will both be titles in my Indigo Skies series. But that isn’t what I mean by ‘new starts’ in the title to this particular blog post.

By new starts I mean that, after three years, I’m leaving my current workplace to join another. It will mean slightly more hours, but set days, which, as you can imagine, will be a godsend to both writing and spending time with Mr Bear.

I can already sense that my new work place will make me much happier than I’ve been at the current one for the past few months. It’s definitely time for a change.

Having said that, I will greatly miss my current colleagues who have been like a crazy family to me for the past few years. There are so many of them that I am glad to call my friends, now, and I hope that that will remain and that we won’t lose contact over the coming years. However, I know I will see most of them again.

Most of them have already congratulated me, which is lovely, but only serves as a reminder to how much they have all been a part of my life for so very long.

So, what was to be my birthday party will now also be a leaving do, which means that these next few weeks will be jam packed. Valentines Day is also looming, during which Howard and I intend to visit Whitby for the day, but we shall see if that actually happens.

A week after that it’s my birthday. Intentions are to go for a family meal on the Saturday at a fantastic pub & spend the day after (my actual birthday) with my other half doing whatever we fancy. And the weekend after will be my birthday party/leaving do.

I know that my colleagues and friends will do me proud at that latter celebration.

Anyway, I’d better go get some words written down for these new books. I know a certain reader is rather desperate to see some more of Violet & Logan’s world…

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