Christmas & Levelling Up: 2015 To 2016

I did mean to write a post sooner than I have, but with it being a holiday season I ended up working far more hours and days than I expected to.

Plus, a few of my colleagues ended up off sick. Christmas Day itself is the only day that the restaurant I work at actually closes all year so that has probably been my only peaceful day seeing as I have worked every day since – up until yesterday that is.

Annoyingly, my Boxing Day shift that ruined family plans for Christmas, was pretty unnecessary because we were terribly quiet. Every day since, however, has been utterly horrendous to work. There were a lot of unexpectedly busy shifts coupled with bad staff scheduling that left us not totally able to cope.

It was kind of like a waitressing battlefield. Of course, it means that to those of us working it, Christmas feels like a month ago and it’s almost hard to believe that New Year’s Eve was only the day before yesterday.

As for Christmas Day itself, there was a cacophony of phone calls from parents and a pile of presents both for our cats and Mr Bear. Dinner was good even though the chicken somehow only managed to cook halfway through. Sadly, I don’t have the time to do roast dinners much so I’m not as practiced in that as I would like to be.

I haven’t managed many (if any) edited words on Delivering Hope since my initial editing run, but that isn’t to say that I won’t get any done. However, once I do I will first be taking the time to read the two sequels in Wendy Higgins’s Sweet trilogy that Howard Bear bought me for Christmas.

And then I’ll start on the sequels to my own books, the Indigo Skies series. I’m secretly quite proud that the completion of Delivering Hope also means the completion of the Survival trilogy.

Whilst I have only managed to release one book this past year (Forgiving Zander), I hope to release plenty more in this coming year. 2015 has been a pretty up and down year. If you missed any of the major bits and pieces, here’s a recap:

This year, my plans are to focus on happier things and to hope that our money etc situations will get better.

I’m already starting the year with a new phone (the old one broke slightly before New Year and thankfully exactly at the moment my contract was due for renewal), so I’m looking forward to filling it with new memories, new faces, and new pictures. But there is a list of things that we/I want to accomplish this year…

  • Celebrate Bear’s 28th birthday
  • Celebrate my 26th birthday
  • Save more up for a house deposit (so we can get a better mortgage)
  • Celebrate another year of being a published author
  • Release Delivering Hope and therefore complete the Survival trilogy
  • Start writing the two sequels to the Indigo Skies series
  • Begin plotting out & writing both a romance novel & a young adult supernatural novel
  • Finally start looking for our future home (though this will probably be in the tail end of the year)
  • Find more time to play my games, read, and relax
  • Teach the Howardly Lion how to cook.
  • Finally finish my shabby chic furniture project in the bedroom
  • And gain more readers/reviews!

2016 is going to be a busy year!

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