Halloween Book Treats & Holiday Anticipation

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It’s half term in the UK this week. That means the kids are on a break from school, parents are pulling their hair out, and the restaurant I work at will be full to the rafters. Well, not quite… It’s in a listed building and upstairs is unused and off limits.

It also means that it’s nearly Halloween/Samhain/Samhuinn.

And as per last year, I am having a get together. It probably won’t be as big as the previous year, but I’m hoping that it’s just as good. There will be some new people as well as old people and I’m expecting to see some great costumes.

I’ve also arranged a nice seasonal treat for you guys…

As a Halloween/Samhain/Samhuinn special, I’ve decided to bring you one of my more seasonal reads in a special offer.

That’s right, you can get the first novel of the Indigo Skies series in ebook for a cut down price – only 99¢! That’s about 65p in the UK. Bargain!

This offer is only available at Smashwords with the above code until midnight on Halloween night! Once the clock strikes twelve, the spell will be broken and the magic words will go the way of Cinderella’s pumpkin, crumpling into nothing…

But if you don’t think this special offer is good enough, then wait until Halloween dawns for a different but equally special enchantment to befall one of my Smashwords ebooks! Keep checking my Facebook page and my Twitter for the special words to conjure your second treat!

Still on the Halloween subject, Howard and I have pumpkins to carve this year! He says he’s never carved one before so I think this could be a fun (and way overdue) experience for him.

After Halloween is over, however, it’s holiday time for us!

That means we’ll be taking our miniature furries to my mothers to be looked after until we get back. Barley will be taking his little Christmas jumper with him, too, because he sleeps in it far better than normal (not to mention how ridiculously cute he looks). We’ll miss both him and Salem very much, but a break away feels pretty overdue.

We won’t be gone too long, but there are posts and such scheduled to make sure that you guys don’t feel too ignored whilst Bear and I are relaxing. I’ll try to get some writing done during our break; however, I won’t be surprised if not a lot is achieved on that front.

Furthermore, I’m hoping that my mum’s cat, Baby, gets better in the next few weeks. He’s only a few years younger than Salem, but he’s recently lost an awful lot of weight – so much so that his bones are fairly visible and obvious when stroking. Mum has taken him to the vets, but he’s home now so I guess we’ll see if he manages to recover or not.

And in slightly less exciting news, I dyed my hair purple. It’s gone much darker than I hoped, but I still think it looks fairly nice.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for this week! I’ll try to get a blogpost in before we go away on holiday; however, please do not be upset if that isn’t possible. As I previously mentioned, it’s half term this week and that makes for hectic working conditions at the day job.

By the end of it, I’ll be in even more desperate need for this holiday!

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