Tricks, Treats, Writing, & The Martian

Well, it is nearly Halloween (Samhuinn/Samhain) so I guess I really had to talk about some trick or treating.

Of course, the trick bit is that I’m still not well. Although, remarkably, this evening I feel incredibly better than I have done. In fact, I feel a little bit brighter mentally, too. And less dopiness surely means that this is beginning to finally lift?

I cannot describe to you how glad I will be when the cough and the running nose are totally gone. Though, I have been able to breathe freely and with no running nose for the last hour; so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Unfortunately, I did bite my tongue last night. It was such a stupid thing to do, but I was so tired and hungry at the same time that I wasn’t really concentrating in any way, shape or form and thus managed to draw blood. My tongue has been subsequently pretty sore all day and anything hot has stung.

But there have been a couple of treats that have nicely evened out the nastiness.

For a start, it’s only three weeks until we get to take our break to the Lake District. It will be lovely and romantic. Moreso as Mr Bear and I have never actually been away together in our three and a half years as a couple. I’m looking forward to the alone time as well as the chance to explore somewhere new.

Oh… and the not having to get up to go to work will also be fabulous.

I mean, it’ll be nice not having to smile and be nice to rude customers for a change. They’re not all rude, but after so long without a proper break you begin to feel like the more horrible ones outweigh the lovelier folks.

But the holiday isn’t the only treat. Howard Bear has been buying me presents lately. He says he doesn’t buy me gifts often enough, which I suspect is code for also trying to make me feel better after I’ve been suffering this dratted cold for damn long. One such gift arrived the other day.

I had no idea what it would be until I opened it. He chose it himself in secret with no direction from me, but it turns out he did a brilliant and very thoughtful job. He got me a new coat (a very snuggly, soft coat) that has a detachable hood. I’m pretty much in love with it. Other than my mother, I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody buy me any clothing before, but he’s done a fantastic job of it and I am both very proud and thankful (as well as very much in love with) him.

Here he is asleep with our littlest monster on top of him:

He tells me that I’m still waiting the arrival of a couple more presents, too, so I shall keep you informed of everything new.

And then, there are treats for readers… I’ve cooked up a couple of new promotional images for Halloween. Some are for Katarr Kanticles Press and some are for me. Two may even have a couple of special deals on offer on some of my books in the week leading up to Halloween.

The offer won’t be on for very long so please share it with as many friends as possible that you think would like to try my books. I’d really appreciate it (and so will they)!

Speaking of writing, it has been very difficult to get anything done with such a fuzzy head, but I have been trying. We are very nearly at the halfway mark of the predicted word count, which, despite the set backs, is pretty excellent. This next week, I have quite a few days off and pretty much every evening so I should be able to make some more headway with Delivering Hope.

My aim was to have it finished and (if at all possible) available before Christmas, but that may just be wishful thinking now. I’ll still try my very best for you, guys. However, if it comes to pass that the book isn’t finished before Christmas, please know that I will try my hardest to get it out as soon as possible for you all.

And last but not least, I must mention that we did indeed go to see The Martian. Originally, we’d planned to go see The Intern, but we got the times mixed up and arrived to early for the latter. Still, it was a good film and we enjoyed it.

We probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if it hadn’t been for the group of loud, chair kicking teenage lads that were sat behind us the whole movie. The whole idea of our trip to the cinema was to do something nice together that might distract me from how terribly ill I’d been feeling for (what seems like) forever and the insensitive boys who seemed to think they owned the movie theatre ruined that.

So my sign off is to them: not everybody wants to hear your loud, crude remarks throughout the movie. Nor do they want to feel your feet randomly kicking them in the back because you’ve decided to change your seating position for the millionth time. And, yes, when the film ends that is a cue to leave, but don’t do it right as the credits cut in like a family of tornadoes whilst managing to snag a chunk of the girl-in-front-of-you’s hair. It’s pretty damn inconsiderate as well as painful. Learn some manners and cinema etiquette.

Until next week, guys.

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