Stress, Cameras, Drawers, & Time Out

It’s been an incredibly stressful couple of weeks; hence the lack of posting and updates. Mostly, I’ve been working or tidying or just stressing out. In fact, I’ve had maybe a couple of small meltdowns at home over the past fortnight.

And for this, I apologise to my darling Bear for putting up with me. I don’t mean to get so worked up or become so tense.

There have been a few instances of raised voices, crying & then just hiding in bed. I’m kind of embarrassed about them, but, as some of you may know, writing things out in this blog can be a stress reliever and that’s why I’m quietly exploring them here.

I don’t really want to make excuses for the fact that I’ve felt ready to both implode and explode all at the same time, but still… there are reasons.

Not least of these reasons are my father’s operation, hormones, work, and being unable to relax at home for the sake of household chores. As you may have guessed, these things have also contributed to not writing, which is a shame but, as you may have guessed, has not been top of my list of priorities lately. It is, however a fact that does make me feel incredibly guilty in regards to readers’ expectations.

Still, I promise that I will try to finish Delivering Hope this year. I’d really rather like to release it before Christmas if I can.

On another note, I finally got my camera & it has cheered me up slightly. It gives me something to focus on that doesn’t involve too much thinking but does involve being creative. It’s a Nikon Coolpix L840 in red (as if you couldn’t guess that last bit) and it takes magnificent photographs. Below are some of the shots I’ve taken since I got it a couple of days ago…

I’ve already taken nearly 400 pictures with varying settings, tones, exposure levels on them, but these are some of my favourites and I think they show off the diverse range that the new camera has, too.

What do you think?

I also bought two sets of bedside drawers as our others are far too low down for our bed. The new ones, however, have bright pink drawers. They were cheap, which was my main reason for buying them, and they won’t remain pink. I’m planning on painting them white and a colour called ‘Belgrave’ which is a lovely shade of teal. I’m hoping they’ll look really nice when they’re done as they’re one of those things that will help this drab flat feel a little more homely until we can buy a house of our very own.

Owning our own place is a big thing at the minute. It’s probably what we talk about and are looking forward to the most. Of course, it’s being slightly put on hold by our short holiday in November, but we both desperately need the break away.

Speaking of time out…

This particular glass of wine was consumed last night when a dear friend visited. It also marked the first time that we’d been out as a couple & with friends for a drink in longer than I’d like to admit. It was nice to wind down a little; although, I admit that I’m still not de-stressed. The friend that visited is moving down to London soon and so we’ll probably end up seeing even less of him than we already do, which is a horrible shame as he’s one of the people I miss most from Driffield.

Still, here’s hoping that we get to see him again soon and not leave it as long as the last time!

You’ll also be glad to know that my dad is now out of the hospital. He came out last week and has been home since. Of course, he can’t go very far as his chest is still hurting from where they cut his breastbone open, but on the plus side his heart is working much better and is keeping him alive with more gusto now. So thank you to all the well wishers for your support and concern. We’ve all appreciated it very much.

Until next time…

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