Cats, Stress, & A Heart Warming Update

It’s #InternationalCatDay! So in honour of that, here are some pictures of my felines:

Aren’t they handsome?

In other news, it’s been a very long, very stressful week and not least because work has been incredibly busy. On the other hand, a new colleague has also meant a new writing friend in the form of Miss Amelia Louise Carter, author of Verboten. It’s nice to finally have a writing friend that I see on a regular basis.

Sadly, I haven’t had much chance to relish in that this week. As you know, my dad has been in hospital having heart surgery. I went to see him yesterday (the day after his operation) whilst he was still in the Intensive Care Unit and we’re going to see him again in about an hour or so (hence this quick & minimal update) when he should be in his own room.

The surgeon told him that he’d definitely been in desperate need of the replacement they’ve given him and, thus, we are all relieved that this means we’ll have my dad with us for a good few more years at the very least. So do excuse me for leaving you guys with such a small amount of words on this update and for the fact that I’ve barely worked on Forgiving Zander’s sequel, Delivering Hope, this week, but as you can tell I’ve had an awful lot on my heart and mind.

I’d also like to extend my may thanks to the staff of the East Riding’s Spire Hospital for taking such good care so far of my dad.

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