Sequels, Cameras, Hearts, & Words

As I mentioned the previous week, I seem to have had an amazing response to Forgiving Zander’s release. I’m still not sure how exactly I achieved it, nor how I managed 15 book sales in one month, but I am very grateful to my lovely readers.

So if you did purchase either Breaking Cadence or Forgiving Zander, I would really like to know what it was that made you even click through to look at it? Please do comment below this post with your answers. I’d really like to know exactly what it was that I did right.

A great majority of my sales were through Amazon, too. And I’m wondering if the review that was posted so quickly (& which was gratefully received) was partly what helped with the launch.

Of course, after this small success, I had to treat myself. And how? I’ve ordered a new camera to replace my older one. The battery on it seems to be wearing out and, whilst that wouldn’t be too hard to replace, the camera itself isn’t quite up to today’s standards of tech.

The new camera is more of a semi-professional camera. It’s a bridge one from the Coolpix range and has quite a few effects that I am dying to try out – as soon as it gets here! Of course, this will be my first non-Samsung camera, so I’m desperately hoping that it will be just as good and just as sturdy. It should also take pretty great videos, which means that I may or may not be doing a new vlog as soon as I get hold of it (and have a spare minute).

As it is, work is eating up a lot of those minutes at the moment. And yes, they should be writing minutes so I can plough on and complete the Survival Trilogy. It would be great to have it all done, dusted, and signed off. As soon as I do I will be writing two more sequels to the Indigo Skies universe before I can start in on a couple of other projects that have already been brewing a little while.

A new camera may also mean that I can capture some stock video for when I create new book trailers, too.

Free time to write is the main thing, though.

Yes, there are some people who say that if you want to write then you’ll make time regardless of what else you have to do, but honestly? Who thinks that’s really realistic?

Quite frankly, I think it’s rubbish.

I write as often as I can, but I’m not about to burn myself out scraping in five minutes of writing that I’ll hate and end up deleting, anyway, just because I felt I wasn’t a real writer because I was ready to conk out on the floor yet hadn’t completed a couple of sentences for that day and thus had to somehow get them in. Writing whilst tired is usually my worst kind of writing.

This is only seconded by writing whilst in pain. And currently, there’s a tad bit of pain going on. Some of this is to do with working hard at the day job and some of it is also due to the sudden difference of heat and cold we’re having. And the pain I speak of is joint pain, more specifically in my hands.

I don’t usually mention the pain I get in my hands. It’s usually eclipsed by knee pain, but, at the moment, my hand joints are getting to be quite tender and stiff. I’m hoping this will ease off a bit some point soon, but I guess we’ll see.

In other news, my dad’s operation was postponed. It’s now this Friday (he goes in on Thursday). I’m crossing my fingers (metaphorically because physically it’s just not going to happen right now) that it definitely goes ahead on Friday. I’ve managed to get it off work – thanks to a great manager – along with the Saturday, too, so I can be there for my mum when he goes in and visit him when he comes around from the heavy sedation that he’ll be under.

So I would appreciate it if you guys could, one again, cross your fingers for him. I mean, I’m sure he’ll be fine, but we’d all appreciate the sentiment.

Thanks & don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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