Carry On, My Wayward Son

Okay, so we’ve been watching a little too much Supernatural at the moment in my house, but the sentiment is still the same. It’s been a damn long week and a busy one at the old, bill paying job. This is simultaneously good and bad. Good because more hours means more money, which means less financial stressors. And bad because more hours means being more tired and less time at home, which means less writing time.

Basically, my time at home has simply been to veg out in front of the wonderful faces of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (and now Misha Collins too since we’re a bit further through the box set) whilst falling asleep.

And yes, the Supernatural-esque dreams have already started. I woke up last night convinced that there were demons in the room and I had to defeat them quickly and without freaking out Howard Bear. Of course, there weren’t, but for a few minutes there I was convinced they’d turned into black smoke at the end of the bed. Then I fell asleep and dreamt someone had tortured me by removing some of my teeth and I had to go after them, but I was totally brave about it like Dean Winchester would be.

‘Cause, you know, he’s not just a pretty face. But he is… in an angsty, awesome, demon-killing kind of way.


Mr Bear isn’t exactly impressed with my Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles crush. But he keeps doing impressions of his voice and, obviously, we’re totally good on that front.

We’re only up to Season 4 so far. We’ll probably progress much further on that over the weeks as it gives us time to sit together watching something that we both enjoy. And Bear is much happier that this is continued and not left on a horrific cliff hanger much like Hex was (without any kind of finish or promise of new seasons/series).

Of course, having said that I haven’t gotten much writing done. I have, however, done a little bit of dialogue plotting for the opening scenes of Delivering Hope. There’s also been a good deal further plotting of the book scribbled down. I’m hoping that this means I can get some more writing work done over the coming days… provided I’m not kept at work longer than expected.

We are, however, quite obviously moving into the summer season at work, which could definitely mean that I have much less time than I’d like to get things done. So wish me luck!

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