Paperback Release, Days Together, & Nights Out

Over the last few days, with Forgiving Zander complete, I’ve been trying to figure out whether to go ahead and write its sequel or begin the next two books for my Indigo Skies series instead. My original plan was to go on with Delivering Hope.

Fans have made me aware that they would like to read the next instalments of Indigo Skies, but I think it would be wise to follow my original plan and, therefore, complete the Survival Trilogy outright. I was also advised by the lovely Gayla Drummond that, as Forgiving Zander ends on a cliff hanger of sorts, it would be better to wrap up the trilogy than to leave my lovely readers hanging.

The Survival Trilogy: Part II…

On another note, the first book is now available in paperback!

That’s right, you can get Breaking Cadence in paperback from Createspace and Amazon (US, UK, EU, wherever!).

We’re still working on bringing Baying For Blood to you guys as a paperback too, but there have been issues with the cover design in regards to the spine area. Hopefully, we’ll be able to sort that soon and it won’t take as long as it did to rectify the cover for Breaking Cadence.

In other news, I got to have this weekend off in order to go to a dear friend & colleague’s 50th birthday party (happy birthday Dawn!). That meant that I also ended up with time to spend with Howard Bear.

So we had a day out to York. It was really nice because I got to take the new car on a longer drive. We had lunch and then went to see the new ‘Spy’ film with Melissa McCarthy starring. I have to say that it was a lot better than I expected and Mr Bear was crying with laughter from the first five minutes. After that we had a nosy around Clifton Moor shopping centre and got him a new shirt for the evening.

Incidentally, this is him looking good in it:

We managed to get home for about seven o’clock and say hello to our cats, whom we showered with a few Pets At Home presents – including catnip bubbles! We let them out for a bit and made sure that they’d been fed before we headed out to the birthday party. Dawn looked lovely in her dress and everybody seemed terribly cheery and like they were having a good time.

We enjoyed the DJs misfortune of skipping discs – Howard found it particularly funny. Other colleagues from work were there, too, along with a few who’d left not long ago. But here’s a nice picture of one of me and one of my friend’s that she took.

We ended up leaving the party around eleven to head to another bar, too, where most of us ended up on the pub quiz machine. I’m proud to say we did pretty well on the Pointless game they had on there, but sadly we never got through the semi-final even though we reached it everytime. I guess the categories just weren’t with us in the end.

We all had a good time, though, and that, after all, is the main thing.

So please do check out Breaking Cadence and grab a paperback from Createspace or Amazon. And I really can’t wait to bring you Forgiving Zander, too!

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