So Much Tiredness, But Getting Words In

In case you were unaware last week, I was pretty snowed under at work. I’ve had long days and then I ended up called in on my day off, too. To say it was a hectic week for me is probably an understatement. And include into that the bi-annual performance review, too.

Hectic. Week.

Oh. And I also had a tyre valve replaced on the car and organised for her MOT next week. Keep everything crossed for me that Pretty will pass or at least not cost me too much money to have her fixed.

Of course, all this work means very little writing work. I’ve tried to get some done here and there but my self-appointed May deadline is looking less and less likely. After all, I only have ELEVEN DAYS left to get Forgiving Zander done and dusted.

I’ve hit the 40k mark as far as the book goes, but I still have at the very least 8k to write. That’s not bad considering it was 20k left to scribe a couple of weeks ago. I do have three days off now, though, so that should hopefully help with my target.

Even though one of those days involves Pretty’s MOT.

Still, that should give me time to write, read through information I’ve been given for work and sort out some things for the amazing Bex Aaron’s release weekend for her fourth installation of the Independence Day series.

Apart from my intentions to get Forgiving Zander finished and to apologise for being absent, I haven’t much else to tell you guys, I’m afraid. I do implore you to follow my twitter or like my facebook page, however, if you do want to be assured that I’m around and hear about my other (probably less interesting) pursuits. You can also catch up with my WIP lines on each too – helping you get that one step closer to reading Forgiving Zander!

But now I really must go get some sleep…

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