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Despite the fact that I’ve been doing quite a few hours at the day job lately and am incredibly tired, I’m still no closer to finding a way to fall asleep easily. My brain doesn’t shut off until after one nearly every night. It’s terribly frustrating.

And, of course, the more that I want to go to sleep, the longer I will end up lying awake.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve heavily invested in herbal teas. In particular, I ordered a lot of valerian root tea. It is well known for its sleep inducing properties, but it’s also effective as a stimulant to cats.

I really can’t imagine why the smell of the herb would affect them in such a way. After all, it really doesn’t smell particularly pleasant. In fact, I’ve had to put those particular teabags in the cupboard because the stench was getting in everything.

Not to mention that the cats were trying to destroy and eat them.

In fact, Salem got hold of one and tore through the protective paper packaging on the outside. And then he sprayed the room with tea leaves. It was great, I can tell you… Any attempt to remove the small packet from him ended up with accidental clawing as he tried to hold onto his prize or bat it out of my hands.

The upside is that the valerian teabags really don’t taste all that bad when you’ve stewed them in boiling water and added a couple of teaspoons of sugar. And it did help me a little more to ease into sleep, which is a miracle.

There are a lot of stressful things going on at work at the moment so that’s one reason why I’m not sleeping so well, but then there are also familial things, which I’ve touched on before. Obviously, my dad is ill with a heart problem.

He’s been told that he needs an angiogram as soon as possible and that they should have organised this sooner. They were supposed to have sorted it already, but somebody along the way has forgotten to order it. I’m hoping they’ll get it sorted sooner now rather than later so that my dad can start working on getting better and back to normal.

In other news, our boiler has been replaced (thanks to the landlord) so everything is toasty again for me and Mr Bear. It took a whole day to get sorted and meant that I was absolutely freezing cold and couldn’t get anything else done whilst the man was here. Now it’s much warmer and my to do list is much longer and my workload has grown yet heavier.

Of course, more work hours means more money. But it also means less time to write or spend with handsome Mr Howard Bear.

The release of Forgiving Zander may have to be pushed back a little whilst I deal with all of this.

I apologise for this, but sadly there’s little I can do at the minute. The word count has been slowly cranking up on the piece. It may just be longer than expected before it’s ready for public viewing…

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