Migraines, Katarr Kanticles & Too Much To Do!

Yet again, struck down by a migraine. This time it was at work. In fact, this is the first time that I’ve had one start at work, which would be horrible enough if it wasn’t for the fact that I have some really awesome colleagues who helped me get in touch with my other half and go home before they soldiered on without me.

Of course, time off work means less money. And when I’m ill it’s not as if I can get some writing done either. So yeah, I got to spend two or three days completely out of it and feeling very fuzzy mentally.

Thankfully the other symptoms (like vomiting water, pain, getting my words mixed up & light sensitivity) had all passed halfway through the second day. And I got to watch the little fellow in the picture above feeding at my window. I have two robins (he has a girlfriend, I think), two wood pigeons and a blackbird that visit at the minute, which is lovely. They don’t seem to care how vague I look when I have a migraine, either.

I have to say how thankful I am to my colleagues for helping me out. I’m pretty sure I freaked quite a few of them out with the lack of sense I was making and the fact that I barely knew what was going on. So very grateful.

And I’m also glad for Howard Bear who had to put up with me when I had to be somewhere dark and was in pain and then when he had to listen to me chucking my guts up in the bathroom. The longer it went on, the closer he got. At first he was pacing outside the door and by the time I’d finished the bout of stomach splattery he was right behind me asking if I needed anything.

I’m sorry, love. I don’t mean to have such a sucky brain.

The worst bit is, it sounds bad but it wasn’t even one of my severe migraines. And I’m pretty sure I’ve told you guys how one of those goes before.

Anyway, I ended up creating things to keep me out of mischief whilst my mind was only at half capacity. Because I’ve been looking after the social media bits for Katarr Kanticles Press, I wanted to get some promotional bits put together so I could promote our authors a bit more.

As you can see, they’re on an open book background with bits added here and there to make it more personal to the particular author that each piece is about.

I’m hoping that the other authors approve seeing as they took me so long to create, but it does mean that I can use the Katarr Kanticles Press account to showcase a different writer every #WriterWednesday.

I’m hoping that it will cause an increase in traffic to the Katarr Kanticles Press facebook page and more retweets on twitter. After all, people like to share images much more than a plain old piece of text.

My aim is to create a few more visual designs to encourage more readers to pick up the Katarr Kanticles Press authors’ books. There is much more that I’d like to do, but sometimes I just can’t find the time.

Many of those revolve around helping out with Katarr Kanticles Press. Such as wanting to create more shareable images a bit like the promotional ones that I’ve done for my own book series. Such as this one for Breaking Cadence:

Whenever I use the above image on twitter, it always gains more retweets and interest than a simple logline and link. I think that’s because it’s more eye catching and you can put that little bit more information on it as you aren’t hampered by a character limit.

Of course, creating these images takes time, which is something I seem to run out of ridiculously easy these days…

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