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The good news is that I’ve done quite a lot of writing this week. The bad news is that Forgiving Zander isn’t finished yet. And the awesome news is that Mr Bear is going to bring fish and chips in for tea!

[Do you like my fishy drawing?]

Also, my dad now has a date for his procedure. He’s still feeling dizzy and whatnot, but hopefully when he has this done everything will feel much better and he’ll be well again.

Of course, there’s no telling how well he’ll be. All we can hope is that it’s much better than he is now. I mean, I’d rather like a future where he gets to walk me down the aisle and see any kids I may have.

It doesn’t seem like much to ask but in this world you rarely get what you want.

Speaking of which, apart from bills, I have to try to make sure that over this next fortnight I don’t spend any money. That’s mostly because I don’t have any money to spend. With what little hours I’ve been getting due to the season and what have you, my pay check yesterday wasn’t exactly high.

In fact, it was dismal.

But there’s really nothing I can do about that right now. And I understand that my managers are trying their best to make the seasonal dip work for everyone. It’s one of those times of year where I really wish my book sales would increase dramatically, but I’m doing my best and the start I’ve made in this most difficult of industries is not a terrible one, to say the least.

[Can you tell I used to read a lot of books with Quentin Blake illustrations as a child?]

In fact, I’m quite proud of what little headway I’ve made. It’s never really been about the money for me, though I admit that some would be nice to make life a little easier; it’s more about the writing and the enjoyment that readers get from my writing.

I suppose you could almost class it as a selfish pursuit.

After all, other than the excitement from readers, the main reason why I write is because I need to write. It makes me feel physically drained and lost when I haven’t written creatively for a long period of time. Do other writers feel that or is just me?

Anyway, I suppose I should get on with some of that story crafting. If you’re eager for the next instalment of my Survival Trilogy then you should check out my facebook page where you can find some WIP lines from Forgiving Zander.

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