RELEASE DAY!: Baying For Blood

So, book two of my amazing Indigo Skies series is out today! The sequel to Preying On Time will see us reunited with Violet, Logan and Simon in a future where the human genetic code has mutated to create various supernatural types.

In the last book, Logan was involved in a life changing attack. Baying For Blood begins with him adjusting to this new way of life when a serial killer strikes leaving Logan in the frame. Despite the evidence, PI Violet Eonsen doesn’t believe her brother has killed anyone.

She just needs to prove it.

After the events of Preying On Time, she can’t let him down. Besides, who better to lure out the true killer of all those necromancers than a necromancer herself?

With friend Simon in tow, Violet goes undercover to discover the killer stalking the keepers of the dead, but when her life ends up in danger is she the one that’s bitten off more than she can chew? Will Logan be proved innocent?

And can the real murderer be brought to justice?

When it becomes a choice between fight or flight, which will this new werewolf choose?

Already Available:

A supernatural crime caper with elements of horror & science fiction, Baying For Blood growls in at 60, 050 words.


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Get your copy today & let me know what you think!

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