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As you may remember, Clementine is my new laptop. She’s doing really well so far – even though I’ve loaded her up with all of my junk!

Battery life is amazing, which is contributing to large amounts of work completed on Forgiving Zander, the second instalment of the Survival Trilogy that I’m writing. Of course, the first book is Breaking Cadence and that one is already out ready for you guys to purchase. You could even gift it on Amazon for Christmas.

I’ve been trying to keep my progress on Forgiving Zander updated on my little wordcount bit on the right hand side of the blog. Currently we’re at 6, 347.

I think that’s a pretty good number considering my novel wordcount usually tends to start off a little slow. Hopefully, this one will continue to creep up just as fast and the trilogy will progress at a rapid rate. Unlike Baying For Blood, Forgiving Zander is a much easier plot to keep to. That isn’t to say that it will be any less fun to read, though!

It involves less jumping back and forth between character perspectives and there is very little hiding the details going on. In fact, it’s just an over all more relaxing piece to write. And I am rather in love with the Survival Trilogy, though that isn’t to say that I don’t love Indigo Skies Series. It’s just more complicated to write the latter!

I don’t know if you know this, but there is an average price for novels on sale according to their word count. Both Breaking Cadence and Preying On Time are reckoned to be about the $3.99 mark. However, as Preying On Time is the first of the series, once Baying For Blood, I’ll be lowering the price to $2.99.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t buy it now. I’m not entirely sure yet when Baying For Blood will be released so I can’t give you an exact date for it. What I can do, however, is tell you what I’m planning to make the release even juicier!

For a limited time only, I’m wanting to give you guys a percentage off Preying On Time at Smashwords. This will be in the run up to the release of the sequel. It will be enough to justify you buying it in that week rather than waiting for the price to go down just after Baying For Blood is put on sale.

Because I’d really like to make it worth your while and encourage you to read the series.

Obviously, I’ll put up a blog post and whatnot to let you know when this is happening. So cross your fingers for the release date soon and keep checking back here to find out more!

In other work news, my regular day job is quietening down so yay for writing time but boo for lack of money. Of course, it’s nearly Christmas (of course it is – don’t argue with my festivities!) so I rather wish it was the opposite and then I could get some more presents for my loved ones.

I’m afraid I’ve already started buying presents. Heck, I started last month! I know that I’ll be skint, though, so I’ll have to build up my Santa sack very slowly. Howard Bear won’t let me put up Christmas decorations yet, but I’ve wrangled him down into letting us do it on the 19th (yes, of November) so from then on I will be in full Christmas mode.

It’s going to be magical!

Let me know in the comments what awesomeness you guys are planning.

  • Have you bought any presents yet?
  • And are you hoping to get anything in particular?
  • Are you excited for Baying For Blood’s release?
  • Or do you really want Forgiving Zander complete?

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