Cold, Halloween, Teddies, Discord & Cadence

Those of you who follow my twitter or facebook accounts are probably aware that I’ve been feeling incredibly ill lately. It’s just a cold, but it’s a cold that has basically taken me to my knees and made me feel like death warmed up. The worst bit was that I started getting ill on Friday, which, as you know, was Halloween/Samhuinn/Samhain.

You probably also know that I was planning a party for that night. And with people putting in so much effort to make some amazing costumes, I couldn’t cancel it at the last minute.

Don’t you think they all looked absolutely fantastic?

And as for my outfit… It was nothing special, but I hope you guys like it too.

Unfortunately, the drinking etc probably enthused my cold and thus I’m still not quite right and have been forced to stay in bed for several days. To be honest, it probably wasn’t worth me getting out of bed due to lethargy, exhaustion and a very fuzzy head. As such, pretty much nothing has been achieved at all.

The only thing that has really cheered me up is the arrival of a shiny new laptop. I’ve named this one Clementine after a character from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. It’s red and all of the ios is a ort of gold/orange colour. Windows 8.1 is taking some getting used to, but I’m nearly there. The only problem I find is that the touchpad is a little over sensitive and my actually right-click/left-click buttons are a bit stiff compared to Pippin’s, which is something else I will have to adapt to.

Thankfully, the keyboard is lovely and soft, although it is very spaced out so do excuse any missed keys or such as I have tiny hands and sometimes find wider keystrokes difficult to reach.

As for teddies, well… Last week, mother and I visited our favourite garden centre. They always have amazing Christmas displays as well as other stuff. And we ended up buying some beautiful collectors’ teddy bears. She got two and I got one.

His name is Woodford and he is a very handsome, cuddly bear. I couldn’t help but get him when he was on the shelf. He was adorable and just begged me to take him home.

Howard Bear was not impressed, but I think he’s warming to him.

So Woodford and Howard have both been cuddling me to make me feel better about my illness. Of course, illness has meant none of the progress on the sequel to Breaking Cadence has been made as I’d hoped it would. This is disappointing, but I plan to make a bigger start on it as soon as I finish typing up this post.

You may also have noticed that I haven’t shared any cover images for Baying For Blood, either, but with Discord Jones’s fourth adventure released, G L Drummond (my amazing friend, cover creator and an awesome author) hasn’t had time to get to the cover images I’ve sent her. That should hopefully change in the next couple of weeks, though. As soon as I have a cover image, I shall share with you all.

And then it should be too long until the second book in the Indigo Skies Series is published!

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