Reviews, Smoke & Skulls, Buying, & Finally Edits!

There are a lot of things on our list for this week. I wanted to type up this post tomorrow, but I’m now covering somebody who’s sick at work. With Halloween & then Christmas coming, I don’t mind too much as I need the money.

So… reviews!

Lovely ‘Timony Souler read Preying On Time recently and was excited enough afterwards that she left a brilliant Goodreads review for it. She then decided to write AN EVEN BIGGER REVIEW for her small reviewing blog and requested an interview with yours truly.

I’m so happy that she enjoyed the book so much (especially as the sequel is right around the corner) so if you haven’t read her piece yet then you should do so here: Vorax Lector.

Those of you who follow my facebook page will also know that I had some more creative fun with smoky skull images for Preying On Time lately too. I started out in white pencil on card, but after transferring it onto the computer and digitally enhancing it… Well, you’ll see.

What do you guys think?

I know, I know. I’m going a little mad over promo images, but I’d like to think it gives you guys something to get excited over or to share with friends. If only I was any good at gifs I would make the smoke in the picture ripple. Oh well.

I’ve also been buying a lot lately. I didn’t necessarily mean to, but there have been some bits and pieces we needed and I also spotted quite a few Christmas gifts. I’m hoping to buy slowly towards Christmas again so that I can afford to treat a lot of people with well thought out gifts.

Hopefully, this will be achieved, but I’ll let you guys know either way! I just need to figure out what Mr Bear’s big present will be!

And editing! I am already halfway through editing Baying For Blood! So exciting to finally have finished the book. It’s the second in the Indigo Skies series and follows on from Preying On Time, which means everybody gets to find out properly what happened to Logan after the last book.

It also means that I get to start properly on the sequel to Breaking Cadence too!

Anyway, I’d better get back to it. Wish me luck with finishing my edits!

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