Painting To Promo, Almost Done & Halloween!

So here we have the digitally edited version of my finished watercolour piece! What do you guys think? She was created ready to use for a Breaking Cadence promotional piece.

I know she’s not brilliant, but her skin tone looks much better and much smoother after editing. There’s also a lot of alpha transparency on her hair so that when I put her onto a different background it does look more real.

Like this:

This is the promotional piece that I created. If you like it and feel like giving it a little facebook share for me then click here or even a twitter one then try this little linky. I really appreciate all of the shares and retweets that I get.

In fact, I make a point of thanking everybody for them. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get around to it, though.

The new image inspired me to create a new short book trailer too. It’s over on my YouTube channel but you’re welcome to watch it right here and right now. It’s only a short video on the various books I have to offer. I hope you enjoy it. I will warn you that there is some music on the video in case you’re in a quiet environment.

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So yes. Lots of little arty bits have been achieved and I have an idea for a new painting to go with another promotional piece I want to do. As with everything else, however, I just need to find the time in which to do it!

I’m sure I’ll let you guys see it as it progresses, though, so keep your eyes peeled on my facebook fan page or my twitter page! There will, as ever, be updates.

Speaking of updates, Baying For Blood is so close to the end that I can almost smell it. It’s that tasty book smell that keeps you between the pages. Mmm mm mmmm! It stands, as of typing this, at 52k words.

And here are the chapter titles so far…

    • Prologue: Midnight Hunt
    • 1. Picking Up The Pieces
    • 2. Some Kind Of Therapy
    • 3. Dead Flock
    • 4. Maker’s Call
    • 5. Headache
    • 6. A Boy On Self Destruct
    • 7. The Spotless Mind
    • 8. A Professional Interest
    • 9. Wolf Boy
    • 10. Little Cub
    • 11. A Meeting At Midnight
    • 12. Kitty Claws
    • 13. Whispering Whiskers
    • 14. St Saviours
    • 15. Biscuits & Ablutions
    • 16. Black Panther Chain Mail
    • 17. Sedgwick & Tully
    • 18. Trades
    • 19. Your Average Death Call Centre
    • 20. Purgatory
    • 21. The Corporeal
    • 22. Who’s Afraid Of…
    • 23. The Big Bad Wolf?
    • 24. Research
    • 25. The Crypt
    • 26. In The Name Of The Father
    • 27. Beyond The Veil

I like to choose interesting yet relevant names for my chapters. I’m sure that in future I’ll probably recycle some of them by accident, but hopefully not for a long while. As i finish off these final chapters, however, I’ll let you have a sneak peek at the notes I’ve made.

I’d be really interested to know how you think this relates to the ending of Baying For Blood and what you think it means for Simon, Violet & Logan. So let me know in the comments below!

And, as a last point, it’s Halloween soon! I’m so excited. We’re going to have a Halloween party, but the fun has already started on the Katarr Kanticles Press facebook page so go check out the month long author showcase and please give a like or two or a share to mentions of my books and, if you would be so kind, to some of the other authors that belong to our little independent group.

So happy Halloween beginnings guys!

Remember to let me know what you think the story is behind the Baying For Blood ending in the comments below and give a few likes and shares out if you can! Much pumpkin love!

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