Bad Wolf, Coming To The End & The Future

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

What? Oh no, sorry. We aren’t actually talking about Doctor Who. Shame really because I liked that Bad Wolf thing. No. We’re actually talking about the killer in Baying For Blood.

I’ll let you decide whether you think I mean Logan or someone else.

I have lots to do this morning and writing a chapter titled ‘The Big Bad Wolf?’ is one of those things. Unfortunately it also means that the writing of Baying For Blood is coming to a close. I’m very nearly done now.

Of course, as exciting as that is, it is dampened slightly by the subsequent editing process.

But yes, we are coming to the end.

I’d had plans to make that happen sooner, though. Unfortunately, this past week has included staying on at work quite a lot as we were unexpectedly very busy. Henceforth, I have been unable to update the blog and let you know exactly what is going on in my world.

But yes, the book future is looking brighter!

Not to mention the actual future. My lovely Bear has managed to get a new job. We’re just waiting for the paperwork to completely confirm it, but I am still so very proud of him. He has done well.

It does mean quite a few changes for us, however. He’ll have to sell his beloved ForFour (FiFi) and get a more economic diesel to run. At the same time, I was already scheduled to find a new car for myself so we’re looking at buying two cars. Mine is already slated for sale to another family member.

So that’s two new cars. Then we have Halloween coming up. I really wanted to have a Halloween party but I guess we’ll see what happens there. And after that there’s Christmas.

And after Christmas the plan is that we’ll start saving towards a deposit for a mortgage. So everything is shiny and new and change like. I’m hoping that somewhere in the mortgage saving I can also afford to start saving towards a new laptop, because I’m afraid Pippin might be nearing the end of his life cycle.

For a laptop, he’s done pretty damn well to be still working after 4/5 years with very heavy usage daily.

I had a bit of a purchasing couple of days as well. A new kettle is on its way plus Christmas presents for friends and mothers and others. I’m starting early again this year so I can get everything sorted without either running out of money or stressing. I’m hoping that nothing will go awry and that friends can have their presents sent on time, too, and not forgotten about (I am a very bad person).

Anyway, now you know what I’m up to, what are you guys up to?

Are you planning for Christmas already, too?

Are you excited about the release of Baying For Blood?

Any exciting plans for the future?

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