Painting, Promos, & Bill the Halloween Crow

Work is slowing down and the hours are drying up. I guess that’s good for you guys because I have more writing time. That I’m happy about. The lack of work hours, however, means a considerable depletion on my income. But it isn’t advised to stress about these things. We must continue on.

Besides, I am thankful for what I’ve got. A sentiment that was reinforced upon hearing that my fellow Katarr Kanticles Press writer and all round twitter friend, Tonya Cannariato, has sadly lost her beloved husky, Kyra.

So yes. Today writing shall be done on Baying For Blood. I’ve been creating various promotional pieces for it too. In fact, that’s why the blog has a new header image. What do you think?

I’ve decided that I want to do a similar big image for Breaking Cadence, too. But instead of editing straight away on the computer, I’ve painted the foreground image.

And here it is from the basics to the complete on paper:

I used this image as a reference point, though, so kudos to whoever the model and photographer are. I don’t actually know as I found the image on google search results.

Anyway, I plan to make them more suited to Cadence’s world soon, but I have to get the second Indigo Skies series instalment written first, I think. I reckon I can complete it soon enough if I shake a tail feather, which reminds me. I have yet to tell you about Bill the Halloween crow.

He’s my new friend. I bought him the other day, but Howard Bear doesn’t like him (as illustrated in the photo below). I think he’s just being mean to Bill.

What do you think of Bill? Is he as creepy and awful as Howard says or do you like him, too? I’m going to keep taking photos of Bill’s adventures, either way. I think he’s pretty snazzy.

If you want to see more pictures of Bill you should follow my facebook page because that’s where I’ll be putting them.


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