Promo Bits, Interviews & Author Friends

What have I been up to lately? Well, let’s see. Work and visiting people. Not to mention seeing my parents. My mum is okay. Not brilliant, but she’s waiting on the doctors to sort her out properly. Scraps of writing have been accomplished here and there, but not as much as I would have liked.

I have, however, focused on creating a few promotional images for the existing books that I have for sale. Here’s one now:

As you may have guessed, this one is for Preying On Time. There are another two for that particular book, which I’ll post below.

They’re nothing amazing, but I wanted to be able to get across a bit about the book as well as catch the eye of anybody skimming through. The idea was to make colourful images with a snapshot of either the blurb or a small excerpt from the book itself.

Here are the other two pieces I made in regards to Preying On Time:

What do you think?

I didn’t just create them for Preying On Time, though. Two more were crafted for Breaking Cadence, as you can see below. They were the first two that I made and I will probably draw up some more colourful examples, but I quite liked the macabre feel these two had. Especially when I know it has to relate to a post apocalyptic world!

And last but not least… Of course, there’s one for Desecrated Bonds.

I’m hoping to add to these at some point, but I’m going to really knuckle down and get some more work done on Baying For Blood first! But I did talk a little bit about it on my interview with Katarr Kanticles Press. If you haven’t seen it yet then you can find it just here:

There were two editions of this interview, but this one has the added questions specifically about my books at the end.

Which leaves me with the final subject of author friends…

I am pleased to announce that my great friend, Bex Aaron, has put her third book in the Independence Day series up for pre-order. So now you can get yourself pre-sorted right here for Amazon and over here for Smashwords. It’s been a long time coming and I know that Bex has been dying to get it to you guys, but she’s had a lot of upheaval that has caused disappearances and whatnot.

But now it’s here!

Not to mention, Gayla Drummond (@Scath) is finally going to have Save The Last Vamp out soon! That’s the third in the Discord Jones series.

So many series, so little time!

I think I need to book myself a holiday so I can get reading.

Let me know what you guys are reading and what you think of the little promo pics in the comments below! I’d really love to know.

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