Partying, Working, No Writing & Relax

Bear and I spent an entire day together on Monday, which was lovely, if tiring. After being on so many long days and late nights at work, however, it was a welcome change. We had a wander around town, bought a couple of bits and then we had a cheap and cheerful dinner at our local Wetherspoons.

It wasn’t the greatest meal ever, but it was made perfect by being able to spend it with this man (isn’t he so handsome? ;P)

He probably won’t appreciate me putting his face on the internet, but sometimes his face is too cute not to share with everybody. It also helps me get through some days when I get to see his face. And this past week has been one of those weeks.

Summer has hit us at work with full force. We are busy and then some.

Thankfully, this was at least part broken up for us by the night out I spoke about in our last chat. I spent quite a bit more than I’d meant to spend, but it was a really good night, bar a few indiscretions. And I by that I mean one of our number got arrested for being drunk and disorderly. However, this was only when they’d got him to his front door and not when he’d somehow climbed and got stuck on the top of a building.

Another fell over in the road, got bumped by a car and then threw up twice when he was supposed to be working the next day. There were a couple of sulks, too, from others. Nevertheless, it was the best night out I’ve had in a long time. Although that may be because I didn’t end up in a police car or trapped by the toilet…

Here are some of the guys looking totally awesome before any of the interesting stories occurred:

Another unfortunate side effect of so much work is so little work on the writing front. I’ve been trying desperately to get the next book completed in the Indigo Skies series, but since we last spoke it has gone barely anywhere, which is a shame because I am trying so hard to get it done!

I do, however, have my notes for this next chapter on the floor beside me. As soon as I finish this blog post and schedule a couple of tweets, I will start on it. Word up, as they say. Speaking of tweets, I’m a follower of @RayneHall on twitter, as many people are, and I saw this rather amusing post earlier regarding people that she has been unfollowed by: 23 WEIRD REASONS WHY PEOPLE UNFOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER

It gave me a bit of a giggle, I don’t know about you. I follow a lot of people on twitter so I’m quite used to the follow/unfollow fun. If I’m honest, most of the people I unfollow are because they auto DM.

I’m sorry. You may think it’s a great way to get people to click your links etc, but it is just rude. It’s not a real hello. It’s automated and in your face. Introduce yourself first. I’m much more likely to click on your links and read about your books if you’re friendly and you talk to me. Actually you. Not a robot you’ve employed to do it for you.

And not creepily either.

Creepers get nowhere.

Another piece that caught my eye (and in fact became my morning reading) was the awesome Chuck Wendig’s post on 25 REASONS THAT WRITERS ARE BUG-FUCK NUTS.

I thought it was funny anyway. And mostly true. Anyway, it seems like sharing time is over. Now it is book time.

Baying For Blood must be finished and I determined to do so. I have a glass of chilled rosé on standby and my notes below too!

And while I’m scribbling (and drinking) away, you should check out Baying For Blood’s predecessor, Preying On Time.

Leave me your comments & thoughts my dears!

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