Party People, Hair, Nights & Desperately Needing Sleep

Toniiiiight, I’m gonna have myself a real good time…

Or, I’m going to try. No one can ever plan for that to definitely happen. It’s a colleague & friend’s birthday though (a belated eighteenth party) so it should at least be a little bit of a laugh. I’ll be quite sad when she disappears off to university and leaves us behind, even if she’ll probably be coming back in the half terms etc.

No idea what I’m wearing yet, but, as you can see, I’ve had my hair cut and dyed so at least I’ll look nice in some respect.

Unfortunately, having it cut proved how much I stress because my hair is turning white at age twenty-four. And not just a couple of hairs, either. I can’t decide whether this upsets me or not, though. At least if it’s white I’ll get a nice bright red everytime I dye it.

I could maybe even dye it blue one day without it turning green from bleach yellowing. Which would be great. I like blue hair a lot. Not sure what work would say, however…

And, speaking of work, I’m on late shifts all week. And our closing time has changed to add an extra hour in for holidays. Yay..

But today and tomorrow I am off. Even if I get asked in, I’m not going for a change. I’m knackered, worn, without writing, in need of a time out and still have the rest of the week to go. Not to mention that yesterday there was just horrible. In fact, it was epitomised by the fact that we had a group of ten holidaying Chinese people who didn’t tell us that one of their number had thrown up in the restaurant. Instead, they just basically ran away.

Which was lovely.

And no one else could go near enough to clean up the sick because it made them want to throw up. It made me want to vomit, too, but I still ended up cleaning it up. Thankfully I had help with the rest of the mess from the colleague whose birthday it is/was. Even then, that corner of the restaurant stank and we had to employ a holidaying colleague’s trick with one of the bathroom cleaning products just to make it smell anywhere near acceptable.

Don’t worry. Everything was sanitised too. But still…


To be honest, we probably wouldn’t have been so upset or annoyed if they’d actually told us what had happened in the first place. Not to mention we had a party of seven waiting at the door for that particular space and it took a while before it was anywhere near ready to be eaten in. Still, there was nowhere else to put such a big group with the whole restaurant to capacity.

And this is just the start of summer.

I’ll be glad when everybody who’s taken holiday this week comes back. We could have done with a few more staff members on last night, to be perfectly honest.

Oh well.

At least on Friday night I’ll have a new mattress to fall asleep on. A new, soft, comfortable mattress where the springs are not broken and the top does not sag. Pocket sprung and memory foam top.

Oh, it will be heaven.

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