Oh Damn, I’m Late!

I should have posted sooner, but I’ve been quite busy getting words in on Baying For Blood and working and chores and a myriad of other things. Not to mention that we are moving into the summer season at work and thus everything is becoming just that little bit more hectic.

You’ll be glad to know that I am much better than I was when we last spoke. I have to admit that I felt like death warmed up that particular day. That isn’t to say that I’m not currently writing to you from in bed.

My other half has gone to stay with his dad for the night, unfortunately for me. I hate when we’re parted for long periods of time. It makes me heartsick for him.

Anyway, he’s going to some kind of air show or military tourist park or something similar with his dad and his granddad tomorrow so he needed to be there from the bright and early.

I still miss him, though.

But it does mean that I get to snuggle up in bed with my laptop, my papers and the cats without disturbing him in anyway. And that leads me to something good that has happened today. We finally ordered a new mattress!

It’s about £160 (which doesn’t include how much it will cost to get rid of the old one but that’s still a bargain on a double from a reputable brand). Hopefully, it will be as good as we expect. But, if I’m honest, it will be hard not to be better than my cheap £50 mattress that has just lost its spring over the years.

I’m pretty sure I’ll blog and let you know how good it feels when we get it. This is the one we’ve chosen, a SilentNight product with a 5 year guarantee.

We did check out a few other beds when we took a trip to Ikea this past week, but they were far more than our tight budget could afford and the staff weren’t as helpful as they could have been in regards to our budget. We were told that we would have to make our budget higher to get any kind of mattress from them.

Fair enough. If we paid more we could get a better quality of mattress, but we are a young couple on a fairly low income and we receive no government benefits to help us along. We can’t just make money appear for things we need. That’s not how it works. We’ve been saving for a while just to be able to afford any kind of mattress.

But at least the trip to Ikea was fun. It’s sadly been a little while since Howard Bear and I got any real time together where we could spend it relaxing in each others company. Our day trip wasn’t much really. We navigated Ikea, decided their café system was now too complicated for us to understand, finally ended up eating at McDonalds and then bought the cats some toys from Pets At Home.

Everytime we go out we find a Pets At Home store and inevitably buy more things for our cats than we do for us. It’s a vicious cycle of catnip and wiggly things.

But even so, it was a nice day to spend together. We came home fairly early, allowing Bear to nod off around me on the sofa as I read Kresley Cole’s A Demon From The Dark (incidentally, I may have found a new writer to love).

In the past few days, a couple of new internet things in regards to my writing have sprung up. Goodreads has finally launched their author questions feature.

Basically, if you have any burning questions about the author and/or their book series, you can now ask them. It’s an opt in/opt out thing, but I have most certainly opted in, which means that you can now ask me questions!

Another writing related piece is an interview I completed a short while ago for Indie Author Land. It’s finally up and discusses my latest release, which is, of course, Breaking Cadence. You can find the interview over here. I hope you enjoy it and comment or share it on. Every little helps every author a lot!

And one last writing related thing – The Meet My Main Character Blog Tour!

The awesome Shonda Brock, author of Eternal Traces, has tagged me in this new crazy meme where writers reveal bits and pieces about their main characters. Of course, I haven’t completed and posted my version yet, but I promise you that that will be the very next blog post you read on here, guys.

I’ll try to get it done and dusted tonight and set to post either tomorrow or Sunday. Tomorrow promises to be a long day at work. Sunday? Well, I’m set to meet a good friend on Sunday. Hopefully everything will go as planned, but who knows?

I may even try to visit my mum Sunday night as she is once again ill. She got much better and now the same symptoms are recurring, meaning she’s in agony and on extra strong antibiotics. Hopefully they will do the trick and she will feel better in no time.

Anyway, you guys have a good evening now!

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