Wardrobes, Gardening & Baying For Blood!

Another eclectic mix, I know.

We recently had two wardrobes delivered. Huzzah! After over a year of living here we finally have a place to put our clothes that isn’t a freestanding rail!

In that year and a bit, my rail had already broken and was being held together by sellotape. And my other half had a rail that wobbled precariously if you didn’t balance it juuuust right. But now we have two wardrobes. Recycled wardrobes!

Both were bought from the British Heart Foundation (the same place where we got our lovely big sofa and our television table) for only £80, which is pretty damn pleasing. So not only did we recycle and get something that was within our tight budget, but we helped out a charity too!

The wardrobes do need a bit of work. I’ve cleaned them down, but some stains remain so it will be a fresh paint job. Speaking of paint, after the guys brought them we had to repaint our bedroom door. Why? Well…

One of the wardrobes (predictably mine) was a lot taller than I thought it was and it took a job getting it into our small flat. Oh, we got it in, though! It’s just very tall and they ended up scraping the paintwork off the door. I’m pretty sure it could have been done without scraping the paint, but what’s done is done. Mr Bear (my other half) did a fantastic job on the paintwork, too.

And that’s great because I have some wooden flowerpot stands I want him to paint this weekend. No rest for the wicked.  Winking smile

And that brings me to gardening.

I haven’t got much of a garden. In fact, I haven’t got one at all, but what I do have are several tubs with pretty flowers in that are arranged outside my front door so I can see them. Unless the cats are in the way.

I have two new big wooden plant stands with tubs in, though, that my lovely dad has made me (probably under my mother’s watchful eye) and they are now sitting proudly opposite my front door. Of course, the only thing they have in them is soil, but that will change. I haven’t decided what to get to go in them yet. It might be some lovely big fuchsias.

It’s laid out, now, so that my tree of heaven and two little pots of lavender sit between them, too. I’ve had to cut back one of my lavenders as it appears to be mostly dead. I’m hoping that it will start growing now, but I doubt it. Unfortunately it was a shop bought one that looked mostly dead before I’d got it. My rescue attempt looks thwarted.

But yes… rearranging my sort of garden has been the start of my day. It does look better now, though!

To the WIP!

Progress on Baying For Blood is going really well. I’m quite excited about how well it’s going, actually. The word count is at least at a third of what I expect it to end at. I’m not defining a specific one because I probably wouldn’t get there for sure. I just know whereabouts I want it to be.

It’s lovely that the story is evolving by itself, too. As I write, more and more detail and personality comes into it. It’s such an enjoyable experience!

Here’s a little snippet of Logan learning the how to of being a wolf:

I shook my wolf head, mane shivering from side to side, a surprisingly exciting sensation. This was going to take a hell of a lot getting used to.

A mad rustling noise behind made me jump; instinctively springing around on whatever creature had tried to attack. Teeth bared and stance readied without thought, I realised that if I let go of my human expectations the wolf controls came easily enough, which was a pleasing find. The crazed rustling started behind me again, but this time I held my nerve, twisting my head gently to see my prey without startling it.

Apparently werewolves weren’t immune to the wagging tail effect either.

Relieved, I tried to sniff the fluffy extension. The process had me circling for five minutes until I was dizzy enough to sit down on my haunches, whereupon I could reach the bushy thing anyway. Clearly doggy thoughts were hampering my brain. Still, the scent was pleasing, which was a relief to discover. It hadn’t occurred to me before that it might be awful to have a disgusting scent, but this one was okay. Was that a thing other werewolves worried about?

My tail dipped. An odd sensation atop my head assured me my ears had flattened a little too. What if my scent was only pleasing to me? My fluffy appendage hit the ground with a decided thump, which only made me jump. Then the problem occurred.

I had absolutely no idea how to change back.

If you’re excited about this snippet and you haven’t checked out the precursor to Baying For Blood then you should! After all, Preying On Time is just here!

Thanks for reading, guys! Now I’m going to get some lunch and scribble up a bit more of the story before I have to go to work in the outside world.

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

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