A Bouquet of Pages

I went out today to buy some flowers for our flat. We’ve decided recently that it’s a nice idea to do so because it makes the place smell and look nice. I did end up buying a plant, but not a bouquet.

In fact, on my way to get a bouquet I made a disastrous turn and ended up in my favourite bookshop. Of course, it was only a disastrous turn for my bank balance as I bought two books (not a great haul but enough to tip my money scale a little again).

So I finally got my hands on Kelley Armstrong’s final book in the Otherworld series entitled 13, which has me terribly excited. Naturally, I will need to find a day where I will be totally free in which I can gorge myself on this finale.

The second book I purchased was just one I happened to see on the shelves. It’s by Sherrilyn Kenyon and it’s called The Guardian. I only realised after purchasing it, however, that it’s a part of what seems to be six million different series (okay, I may be exaggerating a little).

Fortunately, it also seems to be something of a standalone, as in I don’t need to have read all of the others to figure out what is going on with this one – lucky for me. So eventually I plan to get some time on my own to devour these lovelies, along with the sequels to Ally Condie’s Matched.

On the writing front, time off has certainly helped boost the words scribbled down on Baying For Blood. It’s coming along nicely and I’m becoming more excited about it. In fact, I may be yet more excited than I was about its predecessor, if that is even possible!

But more news on that!




And all this just slightly before I release Breaking Cadence (we’re nearly there, folks!). Lovely Gayla (@Scath) is working her busy hands on the cover for me even though her fantastic character, Discord Jones, is stealing most of her brain for her third novel in that series, Save The Last Vamp For Me. So I am doubly appreciative, if not triply appreciative, of her help, efforts and her ability to generally put up with me.

In other news, since I returned to work after my break there has been a lot of tiredness, which was followed not so pleasantly by a load of rubbish from people who were supposed to be my friends. I’d love to go in detail about it and tell you guys my feelings as I usually do, but from calling somebody a ‘so-called friend’ when speaking about a situation that had upset me to another friend via twitter, it has been concluded that I was ‘slagging’ them off. So I won’t say any more, despite the fact that I was made to feel greatly upset and cornered.

As if there isn’t enough real drama in this world without people having to create some out of nothing. Especially as the two people who were actually mentioned in the original comment actually knew about my feelings through previous discussion.

Anyway, as you can tell it’s still going around in my head and I’m still not happy in anyway about it, but apparently there is nothing I can do and, as my other half rightly advised, I should just not answer any further messages etc about it.

Thankfully, I have this blog to gather my thoughts on, even if I cannot fully reveal them all.

Something that didn’t help, however, was the tiredness I was feeling after doing ten and a half hours at work with only a half hour break in between. And a late finish the previous night and the night after. We have been busy.

It makes me wish, though, that I could be a full time writer instead of only part time due to the unfortunate truth that creatives do not make much from their offerings unless they become some kind of sensation. I guess I can hope.

If not, it would just be good to find a job with less straining hours. Something where Bear and I don’t miss seeing each other all the time. Invariably we end up working hours where I will be home and he won’t or vice versa. Of course, that means that some nights when we are both home, one of us might have something to do that will mean being in separate rooms.

And sometimes, I must admit, I find that a little lonely when I’ve wanted to see him for hours on end, but I guess that’s life…

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