Break Time So Far

Despite being on holiday from work, I am still dreaming about it. I’m not sure that’s entirely fair in the scheme of escaping it. As usual, any free time I have does not go as planned. Instead, there has been illness, flat inspections and family furore.

And Barley is still getting us up at crazy o’clock to see to his purry needs.

However, I did get some writing done. Most of it has been on Baying For Blood. This is the sequel to Preying On Time that I have been going on about for what seems like forever (and will seem even longer once it is actually complete).

There have been a few non-starts with some of the chapters in it so far. They’ve been written or begun and then cut because it just wasn’t right in some way.

I like to think that, after years of honing my craft and then honing it some more, I can tell when things just don’t feel exciting enough and don’t work. Thus was my reasoning in cutting whole chapters and rewriting them with either a more focused idea of what I wanted or from a completely different character’s point of view. Hence why, according to word count, it will seem like I have done very little at all in regards to progress.

It is my intention to get some more written up on it today. I’d really like to power ahead with it so it could be released later this year, but I won’t make any promises on that front as I have no idea what life will decide to throw at me (as it inevitably does when I get excited about a project). The problem lies in the fact that I also have several other projects such as Forgiving Zander in the works too.

This will be a sequel to my beloved Breaking Cadence, which is set to be released at the end of this month/the beginning of next month. I’m rather excited about it because I just know readers will enjoy it. It was one of those projects where I started and just knew that it would be worth it in the end.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

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