Birthday Blues

So exactly a week after Valentines Day, it’s my 24th birthday. Huzzah and all that.

Usually what happens is that I get excited about my birthday from the beginning of the month and then slowly February dissolves into a mess of troubles and misery so by the time it’s my birthday I am disinterested and sulky.

Apparently this year is no different, but at least this time nobody familial has died… yet.

Instead my lovely other half is looking at a possible pay cut, which would end in us being unable to afford to stay in our little flat. It would mean moving back to our parents and living separately again.

It would also mean that it wouldn’t be viable for me to keep my current job and, back with the parents, there is a likelihood that I won’t find another as that little town is basically 20 miles from anywhere.

There’s also the fact that my birthday or roundabouts seems to be a very popular birthday date and I’m probably not the most popular of these other people so I wouldn’t be surprised if hardly anyone turned up to mine. I’m pretty prepared for that, even though I might be a tad disappointed.

My parents already bought me a gift:

And I don’t expect anything from my other half except for cuddles considering the new money situation. It would be great if he could cook dinner that day too, but I suspect that it would end badly and I’d be stressed out so maybe we should just ignore that one.

We’ll probably ignore Valentines as neither of us has any money for that, but meh…

Anyway, here’s a work related Valentines card for the rest of you:

Incidentally, a colleague said that if I sold ten copies of Preying On Time he’d buy me a present. I’m kind of curious as to what that present is, so if you want to help me find out then please share? Thanks.

Have a good day, all!

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