NEW RELEASE: Preying On Time

My awesome friends, today marks the release of Preying On Time!

This is the first book in my Indigo Skies series. And I am so very excited because I have been so busy with work and other events over the past few weeks that I didn’t realise it was quite so newly upon us! But here it is.

And my friend and the fantastic cover artist of Katarr Kanticles Press, G L Drummond AKA @Scath, has done such an amazing job on the new cover. I was completely stunned when I saw it and now, rather ridiculously, I can’t stop gushing over it!

Now here’s a quick run down of what it’s about with the blurbage and everything!

Genre: Dark Fantasy | Crime | Supernatural | Dystopian 
Science-Fiction | Urban Fantasy | Alternate History

Published by Katarr Kanticles Press
Release date: 11th January 2014

[Indigo Skies Series]

Preying On Time

The second wolf dove straight into the free platter. Fibres of flesh ripped apart with the same terrible tearing sound of sacking stretched and broken. Red sprayed. Limbs flailed. The bloody gurgle of a scream tore from Logan’s throat as he struggled against gnashing teeth.

The same slow motion bubble slotted over Violet’s head, vacuuming the sound.

Time seemed to ripple around her. Her extra senses reached out, screaming as they felt Logan’s existence fray. She moved without consideration, Simon close on her heels, his noises numb to her brain.

Two moons, dirty cops, energy black outs, and a bloodied body torn apart by werewolves.

All normal except for one small detail…

According to DNA, this lifeless mute disappeared a century ago without a trace. Now he’s turned up in PI Violet Eonsen’s town, freshly eaten.

With werewolf rights’ marches already pushing tensions high, she doesn’t want to get involved but a phone call leads her to Simon – yet another 21st century mute who has appeared from nowhere.

Unfortunately, Violet isn’t the only one waiting to greet him.

Dogged by werewolves with a taste for flesh and allies she can’t trust, Violet’s only hope is enlisting Simon and her friends in a puzzle that could fracture time, change the past and erase their existence forever.

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Compared to Desecrated Bonds (pictured below), Preying On Time is novel length. A supernatural crime caper with elements of horror and science fiction, it growls in at 63, 289 words.

And you can find Preying On Time on these stores as and when it filters through (though Smashwords & Amazon will already be sorted):

Barnes & Noble
Apple iBooks
Kobobooks US & Kobobooks UK

Don’t forget to let me know what you think!

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