When Does The Holiday Season End?!

In my opinion, it ends after tomorrow when there are no more prescribed holiday days. I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks with the seasonal madness (both at home and at work). Not a lot of writing or editing has been done in that time.

However, January looms and with it so too comes my next release, Preying On Time.

There is already a page set up, similar to Desecrated Bonds, for you to peruse. As soon as the cover becomes available, I will add that in too along with the release date. I’m really quite excited. Are you? What do you think to the blurb?

Of course, I’m still editing Breaking Cadence, which will be released a little later on in the year. Other projects include an anthology piece and an offering for @Scath’s After The Fall series.

All in all, it promises to be a very busy year with the sequels to both Breaking Cadence and Preying On Time plotted too!

In other news, Bear has set up his very own blog to document his thoughts and the process of his new project (modding a guitar – I have no idea, really, but I’m sure it’ll be great when it’s completed). I’m not sure how hampered this will be by Christmas presents that we both received, though.

He got me a lovely (bright red) Nintendo Wii so we’ve been gaming a little lately. And I got him a beer making kit, so that is also being undertaken (and then will probably be promptly consumed!).

Not to mention, it’s his birthday on Sunday and I will have to try and spoil him as much as I can. Hope you’re all well, anyway, and have a good NYE!

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