Breaking Cadence Is Finished!

And I’m musing over book two in the series. I may even have come up with a title for this series or something close anyway. I was toying with the idea of calling it Running when we last spoke, but I think it will definitely be Surviving. However, I may add an extra word in there so it’s more like the series’ titles.

The other titles in the series are probably going to be called Forgiving Zander and Delivering Hope.

Forgiving Zander is going to be the sequel to Breaking Cadence and I plan to write it alongside working on Baying For Blood, which will be the sequel to Preying On Time.

Both are set in very distinct worlds with very distinct characters. And they are both going to be available only a few months apart in the new year; so if anybody wants to offer guest blog posts and such to help me promote them both when they come along then I’d be heartily grateful. Thanks.

I’m at home again most of the week (sadly work hours are short and I had to book a day off for family fun – yay…) and, despite this being slightly annoying, it means that my pennilessness forces me to stay inside with pens and paper to write. Although, to be honest, I usually stay inside writing instead of going out anyway…

Also, I did a guest post for @Scath yesterday. It was a piece musing on Dark Fantasy and is to be the first of a Sunday Sharing spot that she hopes to continue from now on. I’m sure she’d love it if, those of you who are interested in such a thing, would get in touch with her. She’s after thoughts about writing and genres etc.

I have another post coming up on Wednesday, too, over on Shonda Brock’s site. She hosts Paranormal Wednesday, which is an opportunity for indie writers to showcase their stuff. And my interview over there is this week!

Anyway, how is everybody doing? Opened your advent calendars yet?

Sadly we don’t even have one in our house. Maybe next year when we might just have more money…

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Cadence Is Finished!”

  1. Love to hear it when other writers are thinking in terms of a series too. So many times you hear the advice to not hold back, and to give everything to the book you're working on.

  2. I think the trick is to make them valuable as both standalone books but with their ability to be a series. That way people don't feel like they've been cheated into reading one book that turns out to only be half a story, whereas a completed story with threads to continue along encourages that the next in the series will have just as much stuffed into it. That's my opinion anyway 😉 But I like writing series.

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