“Sorry It’s Bin A Bit Rubbish.”

My other half tweeted about this earlier. But don’t worry, that’s not what this post is about. I was going to title it ‘All Kinds Of Rubbish’ when I remembered what he’d put and thought you all might enjoy his rather bad joke. This post will be more eclectic than that.

However, I will tell you of our slight bin problem.

(This picture is not outside our flats, I just thought it funny)

Since we moved in there have been no recycle bins in our lot of flats due to previous tenants using them incorrectly. However, a security camera was installed last month to watch over the outside bins.

This is because some people can’t be bothered to put things in the bins properly and so the bin men won’t collect the things that aren’t in the bins. This means we’re left with rubbish piling up and we don’t really know who’s doing it. Anyway, today we got a letter through our door from the estate agency that deals with our flats, along with a load of blue bin liners to use to recycle.

The letter says they’re sorry about the rubbish problem and that the council has provided these refuse sacks specifically for recyclable waste. We’re to leave them by the bins but not in them and we have to fill up the other bins as we were originally directed. So yeah… We’ll see how that goes…

In other news, I have baked some cookies and we have also bottled up our homemade wine, as the following pictures show:

I suppose, really, that I should have sent these to the fantastic G. L. Drummond AKA @Scath whose birthday it is today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone). She is the lovely lady responsible for Katarr Kanticles Press and therefore getting Desecrated Bonds published, but recently she’s had some exciting news of her own in regards to the Amazon UK ratings of her fantastic Arcane Solutions – part of the Discord Jones urban fantasy series.

They’ve been going up, up, up!

This is her gorgeous cover for Arcane Solutions, by the way:

I have to admit that I do adore this cover and, having seen the cover for the upcoming Something To Curse About, I reckon that all the Discord Jones covers are going to be some kind of amazing. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this is the kind of cover I would expect to see on my beloved dark fantasy shelves in Waterstones, right next to my favourite writer, Kelley Armstrong

Or maybe a few across according to the alphabetical ordering. Winking smile

Anyway, I’d better get some of my own writing done – especially as I’m contemplating the names for the sequels I haven’t even started yet to books that aren’t yet edited and on shelves! Also, Howard Bear may come in and distract me with extra episodes of Supernatural (which I am watching from the beginning so I can see the whole series through all the seasons I missed!).

So have a good evening my dears!

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