A Little Disappointed

For alas, the last #SatSunTails accrued only one entry, which, whilst @LurchMunster’s entries are always brilliant, would leave me with only his entry as default winner.

I can only assume that this means the prompt and picture were too hard or just not everybody’s cup of tea. This saddens me a little as the idea is to bring you out of your comfort zones in order to procure better and more honed writing. There’s nothing better to bring out good writing than straying from your comfort zone.

So, my hope is, that you’ll all join in again this weekend and try out something new.

In other news, my lovely other half is stuck at home due to his sleep apnoea, which still hasn’t been help by any doctors or such. He’s been suffering from it for years but recently it’s been leaving him so tired that he just physically and mentally can’t cope with being at work. Obviously this leaves him feeling really bad too.

The doctors so far have just told him that he needs to lose weight without checking him out for anything else. Ridiculous as he’s so tired that any extra exercise he does just wears him out even more.

I wish I could do more to help.

Still waiting on my lovely beta friend with her read-through of Preying On Time, but I know she’s being utterly thorough. Perhaps it will become my second release after Desecrated Bonds. Incidentally, I’ve made a trailer for that which you can view on my facebook fan page. It’s without music as yet, but when my other half is feeling a bit better he’ll hopefully be able to create some for me to add on.

I’m still writing Breaking Cadence too!

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5 thoughts on “A Little Disappointed”

  1. The so called "war on obesity" has done far more harm than good. People of all sizes suffer, because larger people are told to "just lose weight" without further investigation, which is lazy medicine. Thin people are assumed to be healthy, so any health problems they may have are missed. Fat does not automatically mean unhealthy, nor does thin automatically mean healthy.
    We at the Undead in the Netherworld blog liked the prompt very much, but it inspired fan fiction, and I know most writing contests dislike fan fiction.

  2. I liked the prompt and had a story in mind, but just didn't get to it. Keep doing the contests every week and more and more people will write. You probably need 20 – 50 people doing this so you'll consistently get more than ten entries. – that's my opinion anyway.

    BTW, I had sleep apnea . It can be debilitating. Does he use a CPAP machine? Makes a big difference. BTW, I lost twenty pounds and my sleep apnea went away. Gained ten back and now I have it again. Don't know if that will help him, but it helped me a ton.

  3. I'm glad you liked the prompt & I agree in regards to the number of people. It's just figuring out how to find the ones who want to enter & be critiqued.

    No he doesn't have a CPAP machine. They've basically told him they can't help unless he loses weight, which is difficult because he doesn't eat much anyway as he has a slow metabolism and exercising when he's already exhausted is just wearing him out even more – but he still obviously doesn't get enough deep sleep to recuperate. How did you manage to lose the weight you needed to?

  4. I did the Bulletproof diet. High fat, low carb, low-to-moderate protein. It's a type of ketogenic diet. Something that's easier is the diet at reddit.com/r/keto.

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