If We Won The Lottery

Is a regular topic of conversation in our abode at the minute, which is quite silly, really, as my other half refuses to play unless it’s a rollover. He’s also worked out how much we’d need to win in order for it to be “life changing” and how much interest we would earn off it.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you guys exactly what we would do (because we probably wouldn’t be the most conventional lottery winners).

On asking my other half what the first thing he’d buy would be, he replied ‘chicken’. By which he meant southern fried chicken take away (one of our favourites to get). He said he’d get that as a treat for us, whereas I thought I’d take us to a nice, slightly more expensive than usual restaurant where it would be quiet enough for the two of us to hear each other without lots and lots of people being there.

He agreed with the latter and then also said he’d like to take me to a luxury hotel for the weekend. Not a luxury hotel abroad. One in the UK. But luxury. And just for the weekend.


Because neither of us have ever stayed in a hotel before. Also, we don’t like hot climates and driving/flying somewhere seems like too much work and too much expense (yes, even if we won a life changing amount we’d be frugal).

After that, my other half wanted to see that his family was alright by paying off their mortgages and giving them an amount of money each. I’m not sure I would do completely the same. I get the feeling my parents would like my help but would also feel mildly indebted if I gave them a lump sum (even if it was out of lottery money). I’d pay off their mortgage for them and sort out their ever increasing overdrafts, I think, and then (instead of giving them a lump sum) I’d pay for them to go on a nice, luxury holiday abroad every year with spending money, because I know they’d appreciate that. I also know that lots of money so they could completely quit work would probably leave my mum bored to tears at home and my dad wouldn’t appreciate the extra DIY that would therefore create him.

And I’d send them on their first holiday to New Zealand so they could see my brother and his wife who moved there.

After that? We’d probably buy up pieces of nice furniture that we don’t already have so that we could move it into our own bought and paid for place (which would probably take us a while to find somewhere exactly right).

Most people like the idea of giving up work if they won the lottery, but I think that would be a bad idea for me, personally. I’d probably never see anyone then (to be honest, I rarely see anybody unless I’m at work and Howard when I’m at home, anyway). So, I reckon I’d just cut down my hours to a small amount. Enough to keep me social and so forth.

My other half once said he’d do the same then reneged on that as he said he’d feel guilty doing a job that would mean somebody else couldn’t have a job. More recently, he reckons he’d just set up his own creative media focused business (and employ his friends so that he could make sure they had days off at the same time as he did in order to go for drinks). I know he wishes that his job was more creative. It’s not what he studied for (as most post-uni jobs aren’t) and he’d love to get back to his more creative side instead of purely academic.

Which may be where his current lottery-winning obsession has stemmed from.

Personally, I’d like to get on with my writing, but I feel I could focus on that more after we’d sorted somewhere to live with our hypothetical lottery win. I know we’d get somewhere and alter it to our tastes. It would be somewhere fairly big so we could have guests and family over plenty. It would also have a study for my writing and a separate garage.

Why a separate garage?

So Howard could have a pit in it in order for him to tinker with his own car. And above the garage would be a games room with a bar in it for entertaining guests without necessarily waking the rest of the house. The other half would also build an outdoor run for the cats – just for fun. And we’d get a dog or two (but apparently I wouldn’t be able to call them Nissan and Punto).

Anyone think we’ve missed anything? Winking smile

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