Listening To The Spin Cycle

Today is my first proper day off in a while where I haven’t ended up having to do anything in particular or go out and see either of our families. All I have to do is concentrate on writing, my blog and tidying up.

I’m also going to attempt to read some more of Broken if I have time.

As you can see, Barley is getting bigger too. We managed to get on top of his flea problem, which is a relief, and he seems much happier for it.

So, #SatSunTails is set to post later on today. I’ve decided to scrap using the Google+ commenting system, though. It has proved to be more hassle than it’s worth. Instead of allowing me to easily promote the posts on G+, it’s just meant that I can’t tell how many comments I have through my internal stats pages or police them properly or even keep them in the order that they were written. It’s also meant that a few entries to the competition went awry.

Saddening, really, when it could have been so very useful.

Anyway, hopefully I can get my jobs done and then get some writing done too.

Let me know how you all are!

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