Winners of the 50th #SatSunTails Microfiction Competition

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Disappointed by the number of entries this week. Any help as to why such a low level?

The Written Prompt

colourful induction

Runner Up Mentions

H.P Liebekraft

Might even have won if it hadn’t been for the misspelling of ‘capital’ as ‘capitol’.

Overall Winner


Irritatingly good. Winking smile

The Calling

A bank of thick roiling clouds obscured the sky, lending a darker and more insidious air to the chilly fall night. Sensing this change in the ambient spectral energies of the capital city, Ariadne removed the soft kidskin glove and flexed her fingers vigorously.

Turning her hand palm up, she concentrated her power on the arcane symbols and pentagram she’d burned into the skin so many years ago. The thick keloid scar tissue began to glow, first softly and then with ever more effulgent light.

Intoning the words of conjuration in a low, measured voice she focused her attention on the Otherworld, coaxing forth the eldritch denizen she required. At length, an arcane ember formed with a swirling burst of kaleidoscopic hues so colourful, induction of the creature into the realm of mankind was secured.

The summoning completed, she dispatched the imp to wreak what havoc she required with nary a thought for the consequences.

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1 thought on “Winners of the 50th #SatSunTails Microfiction Competition”

  1. H.P. Liebekraft is a teammate of mine at Undead in the Netherworld. She is likely going to flog herself mercilessly for this error.
    I may participate in this contest sometime. I'll make sure to double-check my capitol capitals! 😉
    At any rate, I will plus-one it for you.

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