Help Would Be… Helpful.

My partner and I are going through a difficult patch that I’m sure a lot of you have been through before. It’s one of those niggling things where we feel we need to look to outside sources for help and advice…

The kitten has fleas and its driving us mad.

Also, that’s their new housie. They have a better domicile than we do.

Anyway, we are experiencing irritating levels of fleas. We’ve put spot on stuff on both cats and sprayed the carpets etc with flea killing stuff, but none of it seems to have worked. We still keep finding more and my partner (who may occasionally be referred to as Bear – I’ll possibly explain why at some point but I may forget so if you want to know, prompt me!) has sore ankles from where they have been nibbling him. Thankfully I seem mostly immune to their little angry mouths.

So, if anyone has any advice or recommendations that would be great. Until next Wednesday, though, we won’t be able to purchase any expensive treatments so anybody who has any homemade cat flea remedies would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve considered giving Bear some of the spot on treatment too, but I don’t think he’d appreciate me rubbing flea poison into the back of his neck – as much as he does act like a cat sometimes.

The best that I’ve been able to do is to wet comb the cats and drown the fleas in a bowl of water immediately to stop them jumping away. As you can imagine, however, the kitten assumes this is a game. It’s like having a child with nits except that he doesn’t want to get rid of the nits but does want to eat the comb instead. The older cat, on the other hand, will sit and purr as he’s brushed until Barley runs at his face and tries to sit on him whilst biting him…

Also, if you’re in the Yorkshire area of the UK, these guys need your help. They were covered on our local news recently and they’re coping with massive amounts of cats and kittens who are just being cruelly dumped. So, if you have some spare cash or a free cat bed in your home, take a look here as I’m sure Yorkshire Cat Rescue would appreciate it.

Money problems for us are not as bad as they were last month. We’re getting there, anyway.

Obviously we could do with more money, but who couldn’t? I’m just glad that when things are dire we do have each other.

I haven’t done much writing in the past couple of weeks, either. Been much too busy at work and trying to tidy up the house. I finally got to go see the dentist (joy of joys) and I’m to stop using mouthwash because it’s doing more damage than good and get a softer brush. So I have another appointment there in a little over a week’s time for them to sort my teethies out and we have a doctor’s appointment next week to register ourselves (because we hadn’t had time to do that yet).

We also have to arrange our first flat inspection but that’s difficult as Bear is at work all next week and I don’t know my rota for the week after, yet. Ideally we want it to be the week after and a day we’re both off (because he’s taking his holidays now that the kids aren’t in term time where he works).

Anyway, #SatSunTails will be up later on today. I still can’t believe that it will be the fiftieth time I will have run the competition. Time flies!

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  1. My mum uses Frontline for our cat, she says that's the one that works best for her! x

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