Conspiracy Soup

The world is conspiring in bills and bad fortune to make us broke yet again so we’re in the soup (as my mother would say in a metaphor for drowning). My car has, yet again, pulled an ace on needing fixing.

Seriously considering selling it and getting something cheaper to insure and more reliable… like another Micra. Maybe not a yellow one this time though.

As nice a car as it is to drive, my Punto has been far more hassle (and expense in repairs) than she’s really worth. She’s also costing me far more in insurance than I can really afford at the moment. And, as much as I don’t like the idea of selling her, it seems like it would be a good idea.

Eventually, we may even go down to just one car, but not right now. To insure me on his would be too much and I’d rather he didn’t have to get rid of his baby just because mine is having a tantrum.

It just means we have to consider money saving methods. Such as, I may start buying full fat milk (we use a lot of milk) and putting half of it in a washed out milk container then diluting them both with water so it tastes like semi-skimmed. If anyone else knows anything I can do, comments at the end of the blog post?

Next week is tooth destruction day too. And by that I mean I have to visit the dentist. Obviously I’m looking forward to that a great deal… not.

In other news, I had a dream that would be great as a short story. Or even part of a series of short stories. It was a time travel/multiple planes of existence story. I woke up in the middle of the night and typed the bare bones of it onto a notepad on my phone, which greatly amused my partner as it was his first time witnessing me do such a thing. Sadly, he’ll have to get used to it.

I may start keeping my black book (it genuinely contains story ideas not people’s phone numbers) next to the bed with a pen again. Although, I fear I may have to wait until Barley is older and more civilised before I do this.

Writing has been going fairly well, too, of recent times. I’m getting a lot done, despite having lots of real life things to do. Until the massive bills piled on, we were even managing to see real live people like Valley Press’s front man, Jamie, at the pub, which resulted in us somehow comparing him to Tom Hanks in looks except for the hair colour – yes the first place we ventured to chill was the pub because there are no kittens using you as climbing frames there (it’s also two doors down from where we live).

I’m going to set up a blog post for this weekend too – and #SatSunTails will be done. Intentions for the past couple of weeks were warped by other more pressing missions, I’m afraid. But this weekend, we will be sorted.

Hope to read your entries then! Winking smile

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