Money, Tales, Releases & Other Jazz

It’s disappointing that #SatSunTails got no entries at all this week. Am I to assume that this means nobody would like the competition to resume or you’re all busy and I should resort to doing it alternate weekends instead?

If there’s anything I can do to improve it and et more of you in then let me know. I can’t read minds as much as some would like to pretend I can. Winking smile

It’s been a tough month and I’m glad it’s drawing to a close. Finances haven’t been so good. We’ve basically been relying on my tips at work in order to eat & buy other things; so I’ll be terribly glad when my partner gets paid.

Then maybe we won’t have to ration everything. It will also mean a hell of a lot less stress seeing as we have so many financial things that have cropped up. Incidentally I have a headache (go figure!).

There are some nice things, though. Like, for example, I’ve been working on my current WIP, Breaking Cadence, a lot more lately (as you may be able to tell by the word count on the right). I’m tonnes further on in the story than I was before, which is utterly pleasing because I spent so long trying to get work done but having so much going on that I couldn’t (like paid work, housework and other stuff).

I’m hoping that when I get to the end of Breaking Cadence I can get on with editing Preying on Time, which has been waiting on the edit pile for quite a while.

There’s also some exciting news regarding a piece I finally got around to editing becoming a release to purchase online. But I’ll let you know about that when it’s closer to the time.

Just be excited in the interim!

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1 thought on “Money, Tales, Releases & Other Jazz”

  1. I've only just begun writing after a long dry spell, which is why I haven't participated. This evening, I took a look at the most recent prompts and couldn't come up with anything that would use both the photo and the words. Maybe others had the same problem? Also, since school is out, maybe the audience is smaller?

    I did like the photo, though, and wrote a short tale which I will probably post on my blog. It simply doesn't qualify for the contest. Maybe next time I can write a story which qualifies.

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