Winners of the 46th #SatSunTails Microfiction Competition

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The Written Prompt

ultimate decimation

Runner Up Mentions


A great thoughtful piece  with a good rhythm introduced by the sentence lengths.


I loved the opening line and the easy way the back story was slipped in.

Overall Winner

Pippa Jane

Fantastic. Powerful prose with really emotive language. A deserved winner.

Winning Entry

Thick sheets of rain drummed down all around him, but he barely noticed as he trudged through the field. He had to be away from that house, away from memories of her and everything they’d had.

The ache of loss was still as raw as ever. Until a few days ago, they’d faced the rest of their lives together, never thinking they could be so abruptly torn from each other. Fate, however, had other ideas, bringing about the ultimate decimation. A red traffic light, a screech of brakes, had taken away the future they’d planned. He longed to hold her close again, to feel solid and warm flesh, but he knew he never could.

He couldn’t even feel the rain as it passed right through him. The grass remained undisturbed by his movements. He drifted further from the place that had once been home, the place where she now lived alone, mourning him.

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