A Little More Time To Play

Hey everyone. I’m a little more freed up this week (as opposed to last week when work turned randomly hectic). Hope you’re all doing well. Let me know what writing projects you’re up to and whatnot.

And here’s a picture from our bank holiday weekend walk (I’ll scatter some more in today’s post too):

I see that the 45th #SatSunTails didn’t really kick off – understandable as I didn’t publicise it quite as much as I should have. For that I apologise, but a new one will be up this weekend. Please, please try to have a go?

Anyway, we’re all set to get our new kitten next week. He’s a bengal/brown tabby cross and we’re going to call him Barley. I will show you photos of him meeting our older cat and such when we get him.

Speaking of our older cat, Salem is sat next to me now as I’ve been getting some writing done on one of my WIPs, Breaking Cadence, and his favourite game to play is to see how easily he can disturb me and how much he can overlap himself onto my laptop keyboard whenever I’m trying to write.

He sees this as ingratiating himself.

I do not.

Hopefully, he’ll enjoy having a new playmate, though, as all attempts to get us to chase him and play fight with him are destroyed by size difference and there’s only so long string will keep his attention to an exciting degree before he looks at you with utter disdain.

It should also mean that I get more writing done than when I have to fend off a bored Salem.

I’m hoping that I can really steam ahead with Breaking Cadence as I still have editing to do on Preying On Time. The plan is that when I’ve finished Cadence, I can set it aside to work on the edits of PoT and thus look at the piece from a fresh perspective.

I know there are definitely parts of that which need to be tweaked and bits that will need working on – especially the ending – but after this space away from the project I reckon I’ll be more equipped to look at it objectively.

There’s also a lot more time for me to do so here; though, having said that, I am missing friends back in ye olde village town. That’s not to say that people here aren’t nice, but I haven’t found a group of friends outside of work or anything yet, which I think worries my other half more than it worries me.

Clearly, I’m quite happy to be online talking to all you wonderful people. However, it would be nice to figure out who I can hang about with eventually.

Incidentally, I’m thinking of visiting home to see my parents’ Westies this weekend, so that might be nice. It all depends on how things work out, so we’ll see. And also whether I can actually be bothered to drive through there.

Anyway, I hope you’re all well and that you’ll remember to check out the writing competition this weekend. Also, if anyone would like to judge the competition at all at any point, you should let me know. Winking smile

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