It’s Been A Month!

And we haven’t accidentally poisoned ourselves, run out of water or had the police called on us by the neighbours yet, which (so I’m led to believe) is good for a first month living under our own command and away from our parents.

High fives?

In other news, I’ve been getting some writing done on my current WIP as well as updating a lot of my social media sites.

My youtube channel, my facebook fan page, my twitter page, my tumblr, my google plus account and this blog have all been updated with a new theme. I’m still tweaking most of them, but hopefully you can see where I’m going with it.

I’ve been updating my facebook fan page with photos lately, too. Some of you may be glad to know, however, that my camera is losing charge and in the move I seem to have lost the charging wire. So boo.


I ordered another wire yesterday and so it should get here relatively soon. In the mean time I’ll just keep you updated in the usual blog format as well as random snippets of my tweeted mind.

Speaking of snippets, Mr Howard asked me to cut his hair for him last night. I am by no means a hairdresser or barber so I await the verdict of his work colleagues tonight. Fingers crossed!

He’s also promised to help me do two things – one in return for the hair cut.

Firstly, (when I have the aforementioned charging cable) we’re going to do a short trailer for my youtube channel. Apparently this is a part of the new overhaul they’ve done on channels as well as the new channel art you’re required to upload. They request that you create a small video to put on the face of your channel for people who haven’t yet subscribed to you. I think this is a great idea as a selling point, but right now I’m at a loss as what to do/talk about. If you guys have any ideas of what you’d like to see then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know.

Secondly, (and this is the one in return for the haircut) he’s going to build us a DIY cat condo like you can see all over the internet with hidey holes and scratching poles and climbing platforms. It’s more for Salem than for me, but hopefully he’ll enjoy it. And possibly our new kitten too, if the estate agents get back to us in the affirmative for us being allowed one.

As much as we’d love to take an older cat from a rescue centre or a sanctuary, I don’t think Salem would take too kindly to another adult cat. He’s getting on in years and any attempts to establish a hierarchy with a new cat would probably be a bit too much for his lazy, old bones to deal with. A kitten, however, will be less of a struggle to assert his authority over.

On yet another note, I’ve also been ordering books. In case you don’t have my facebook fan page added then here they are:

Click for bigger image.

This means I’ve nearly got all of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series, which I have been trying to collect so I can read in order for so long.

Which is just what I might do now that I’ve let you all know what’s going on…


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2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Month!”

  1. *high five*

    I've managed to set baking paper on fire, turns out it doesn't survive 3 times in the oven. This was during our first year in our own home.

    As for the youtube… hmm, you could hold one of the westies on your lap while you talk. Most people's mind will zone out when faced with such cuteness 🙂

  2. *high five*

    Wow… Yeah, we haven't had any fires -yet-. Though I have frightened myself and the boyfriend a number of times by accidentally allowing pans to overflow whilst boiling on the hob. I've decided I'm not a fan of electric hobs.

    And sadly no Westies here as they live with my mum. I have a cat though? Lol. Boyfriend thinks I should do a video outside, but I'm not sure how brave I am.

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