A Very Quick Updation

I finished one of my two jobs today. I’m no longer a lollipop lady (crossing guard), which is incredibly sad after three years. I finish waitressing at the pub, too, on Monday. This is partly why I have been incredibly absent lately.

Wonderful goodbye card. So thankful to have been a part of all these people's lives for so long and will miss all of them dearly.

Two jobs = very little time to do anything else.

The other reason is that I’ve been doing online work readying myself for my new job, which starts on Tuesday. So yes, I will still be mostly absent next week. I will also, probably, be absent for a while after that as we are moving and internet won’t be up and running immediately.

‘We’ as in me, Howard and Salem. We’re moving out of our parents’ homes for the first time and to a different town entirely. So please forgive my disappearances and the absence etc etc. As you can understand, I’ve been incredibly busy.

Lovely goodbye card & presents

Moving takes place in the next week so likelihood of me catching up with the #SatSunTails entries that I haven’t yet judged is unfortunately going to be postponed a little while still. But trust me: IT WILL GET DONE! – eventually.

However, #SatSunTails is open tonight as we have the wonderful @NicoleWolverton judging. She’s also giving away a signed copy of her new book to the winning entry! How awesome is that?

The post will be up later tonight so keep your eyes peeled.

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