Still Snowing…

So, still having car problems – joy of joys. It seems like an electrical fault from somebody messing with the wiring. Which is great…

And this is a picture I took of current weather conditions:

And the electrical fault with my car? Yep, the blowers are not circulating any heat or directing it at the windscreen. And in this weather that means I have ice on the inside of the windscreen and am frozen by the time I reach work…

Not to mention that the screen and side windows start freezing up.

Unfortunately, I’m at work all weekend and there are blizzards etc predicted for our area. So it’s going to be intense fun…. Shan’t pretend I enjoy driving in the snow. Though, to be honest, I’m more concerned about my other half driving in it than me. But hey ho…

Anyway, the earliest they can look at my car is Monday morning. So I have to deal with the cold until then.

#SatSunTails is set to go up tonight, too. It’s the first in a while. I have to apologise profusely for that. It’s been a busy holiday season peppered by the car problems and family problems and this that and the other. It just seems to have been non-stop!

I’m hoping, though, that that is over for now.

We’ve also been looking at places to move to in our plan to get our own place together. If we move away from here then I also have to find myself a new job with more hours than I’m currently doing.

I have to thank everybody, as well, for all of the wonderful comments on my entry, The Painted Pigeon, for @charitygirlblog’s the #12Masque competition. I didn’t expect to have any considering how absent I’ve been and how long it’s been since I’ve had a spare moment to sit down and be creative. So thank you all very much.

Congratulations, too, to the Judge’s Choice winner, the Most Evocative Story or Poem winner and, of course, the Fan’s Favourite winner.

[And I hope you enjoy all of my snow photos included in this post]

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