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Apologies for my long absence; though, I suspect with the holiday merriment most of you haven’t noticed my disappearance. I apologise anyway. I worked the whole of last weekend, all of Christmas Day and all of Boxing Day too (with no extra pay for the bank holiday hours).

I would, in fact, have been working Christmas Eve too if the restaurant hadn’t been closed that night. Yesterday, I organised a meal with friends and today I went to peruse the January sales with my lovely other half.

I say this a lot, but it strikes me that the end of this year is dramatically different for me than the start of it.

I’m happy. The happiest I’ve been in a while – despite what seems like constantly working and then the few days of Christmas blues (that were actually inexplicable).

I have more money in the bank than I’ve ever had. I have a brand (well, mostly) new car that I am (slowly) getting used to. I am seriously looking at moving out and away from here. And my darling Howard and I have been together over seven months – and I have never felt more looked after and cared for than when I’m with him.

I’m at work again tomorrow (pretty much all day) and then all day Sunday as well as Monday night… So yeah, I’m working New Year’s Eve. Thankfully New Year’s Day looks clear so I might actually be able to do things then or go out after work (if I’m not kept late) on NYE.

It partly makes me glad that we’re going to move because (although I love the other staff at my job) the hours and the fact that we’re expected to suddenly drop our plans because there’s nobody else to work something and you feel bad dropping others in it. I’ve warmed to the idea of finding a new job more than I might have before. Finally, I have the skills to acquire another job in a similar vein – which is great because I quite like waitressing and I’m informed that I’m quite good at it.

So the job thing won’t be so bad when the season picks up for this line of work. It would be nice to get something in the same area. We’re hopefully moving somewhere a little bigger than this town where it shouldn’t be so hard to get something when the season is right.

My mum isn’t happy at all with the idea, though… She says she won’t visit if I move there. She doesn’t want me to move away from here or home… And then she tells me all of the different things that could go wrong. How we could fall out and I’d have no one to go to. How I’ll be stranded with no friends and family. How she thinks he’ll leave me on my own at home whilst he visits his family. How I won’t find a job. Etc etc…

I’ve been at the stage where I’ve wanted to make a home of my own for years. Now I think I’m ready for that big step. I want to settle down with somebody I love and who loves me back (despite any faults either of us has) in a cosy, comfortable life. Nothing has to be perfect because that’s what makes it perfect. Waking up and falling asleep together is pretty much all I want. And it’s the little things like that that make life special and worthwhile.

So I’m extra hopeful that this new year will bring those things for us. And maybe even some regular blogging and writing (because the latter has sadly suffered too).

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