Snowflake Skin That’s Melted In

I realise that my posting of the #SatSunTails winners has been a little later than usual this week. For that I apologise, but I have been rather busy as seems to be becoming the norm lately.

There have been various family issues that I won’t even bother to go into as well as my mum having an operation yesterday. She’s perfectly fine and okay and everything so that’s no real worry.

There are things going on with friends, though, that I am worried about among other things such as wanting to leave home finally. I seem to spend an awful lot of time lately checking out whether there are any available (and affordable) flats/small houses to rent around here.

It looks like there will never be any that I could afford to rent on my own and being under twenty-five I apparently won’t get any help from the council whatsoever. I don’t know why I thought it would be any different. I mean, they won’t even help me with working tax credits to top up my income because I’m below twenty-five too. Sucks to be young and desperate to escape home.

On the plus side, my car insurance has gone down a little, which I was concerned it wouldn’t due to the change in rulings. This gives me a little extra money a month (not much, but at least it’s something).

Anyway, currently cooking my dinner so I can head out to work (even though I’ve already done both my crossing patrols for today and just got back in). How did I get this post written in such a short space of time, then, you ask? Well, I’d like to say that I’m the Doctor but actually…

I just crammed a little time in earlier every now and again  when I could.

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